Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's That Time Again...

The horses have been in training.
Everyone has been practicing.
We traveled to Evanston, WY.
And Competed!!

We had a blast!
The best thing about the whole deal is that it is a family event.
Liz and Ty

Tess and Ranger

Abbi and Cash

Weston and Ranger

Dani Rae and Ty

Papa helping rake the arena.

The Posse

Some very cute cowboys.

Fun to be reunited with horse friends.

Love those friendships!

Tess and her hardware

Elizabeth also got 1st in her division.

End of the day results:
Tess - 1st
Dani - 6th
Elizabeth - 1st
Weston - 4th
Abbi - 4th

OK. So confused!

I am so lost on this blog!
Blogspot went up and changed the format.
Just like that!
Oh wait... 
maybe its been like this for awhile.
How would I know?
I have been neglecting my sweet blog.
Sorry sweet blog.
And friends.