Saturday, February 27, 2010

Beautiful Lengths

Back in 2006, my sweet mother was diagnosed with cancer.  She did 3 rounds of chemo and she "lost" her hair.  She wore cute hats and was still the most beautiful woman in the world... But she was bald. And it was worrisome for my girls (especially the younger ones). We prayed for my mom daily and one of the girls would always pray that Nana's hair would grow back. Cancer was a daily word in our home. So many questions, so many worries, so many prayers.
In one of our conversations, I had told the children that people donate their hair so that wigs can be made for cancer patients. Abbi and Maggie immediately asked if they could donate their hair. 
Absolutely! was my reply. 
Their hair was already long but not quite long enough for 10 inches to be cut.
A few months later (9/07), Maggie donated 10 inches to Locks of Love.
Poor Abbi! Her hair just does not grow as fast or as healthy. She has yet to donate.

However, Maggie was ready to donate again this week.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths will take 8 inches. 

There it goes!


Ready to donate!


Good to Go!

We will be praying for the girl/woman that receives her hair.

FYI - My mom is alive! And doing well!! 
Thank-you Lord.

Friday, February 26, 2010


The animals will soon have shelter!
Our barn is making progress.

The siding is on!

Apartment on the top floor.
Big Canyon office on the bottom floor.

And the eagles are still landing.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

What Do You Get When...

you have a gazillion of these...
(moose, elk and deer antler sheds)

and one of these?
(mountain boy)

Antler Knives!
Of course.

Place your order now!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday - Kinda Wordless

Dani Rae
4 Year Old Photos

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Horse Play

Dad should know by now that if you lie on the floor to rest ~ you are open prey for children piling on you.

Here is Daddy resting with ONE snuggle-bug on top.

And then... it turned into this!
Pure chaos and laughter.

And then this...

The Bucking Bronco

Dad gave in to their fun and games. Surrendered his rest. 
And played!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

"Bewy fun supwize!"

"Me WUV my new(used) bike from Jewia" 
(Julia is her cousin)
We were blessed with a little pink bike, a pink and purple 3-wheeler and a pink scooter from our cousins. WOW!... Lots of excitement and new pink stuff around here.

She is thinkin' she is BIG stuff with her big girl bike.

The little girls have been outside NON-STOP since we received them.

Thanks for handing-them-down to us!
Tessa and the other girls have really enjoyed them. 

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Got Gold?

We do!
We now have 3 Gold Belts in Karate.
Wipe On! Wipe Off!
Hudson, Abbi and Weston started Karate last fall. They have really enjoyed it. Their teacher is a neighbor friend and their practices are close-by (4-wheeler distance)!
They have learned self-defense, many karate moves, made new(and some old) friends and they get lots of exercise.

Ben and Weston

Abby and Abbi

They tested last week for their Gold belts and they each received one.



Way to go!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Thank you for all of the sweet comments and prayers for Elizabeth after her "tumble" off the top bunk.
She is feeling and doing great!

The following are her 6 year old pics from this past summer...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Red and Pink - Kisses and Hugs!

Valentines Dinner Party
If you have been following our blog for more than year, than you know 
our Valentines Tradition. 
For those of you, that have joined us more recently - let me give you a quick run down...

We decorate the dining room with red and pink stuff.

The girls have been making tons (and I mean TONS) of Fun-fusion. They used the hearts to decorate the table along with some candy hearts.

Our dinner is red and pink.
This year we had Chicken Bruschetta. YUM!
Raspberry juice, Pink Salad and a green salad with Craisins.  
First, we grilled the chicken.

Then, we topped it with yummy bruschetta stuff.

This is the whole crew ready to eat

I did not take this picture (obviously). It had some major issues. This was the best I could do to make it somewhat presentable.
A for effort.

This year the gifts had the theme of "painting" (except Caleb's).
 Caleb got a small first-aid kit for his  hunting-pack. The older kids got Paint-by-Number and the younger ones got ceramic figurines to paint. Tessa got her very most wanted gift - a PINK teddy bear. (she has been requesting one since Christmas)
Meet Rosy

Brian got his absolute favorite treat - Chocolate Covered Cherries.
I received cards from the children.
And this poem from Brian

A Poem For My Ash

Yarrow is white
Sage is green
but you are the prettiest thing
I've ever seen.

Cute as a button
and sassy as ever,
but trade you in
I would never!

You're the wind in my sail
and the Queen of my Castle
If it weren't for you
I'd have no one to "wrastle".

Each passing year 
gets better it seems
when I'm living with 
the girl of my dreams.

Love You!