Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Handsome Dude!

I introduced Ranger to you a few posts ago. It has been fun getting to know him these past few weeks. We are very thankful for our new addition...


Ranger is calm with all of the little ones and gives them a good ride. He is very patient and willing. EVERYONE really enjoys riding him. Abbi will be riding him tonight in a horse show/competition. Hudson will be riding Risky. They are both very excited.

(Tally, her little paint mare, is still "in training" and not quite ready for the big stuff)



Abbi is having a great time doing groundwork with him. He is responsive and  "gives in" quickly. She has him on a lead line here and he goes in a circle around her. She uses her body language and voice to instruct him. I am always in aw of how horses understand our requests with just body language. I really enjoy watching Abbi do the groundwork with her horses.

IMG_0633-1  IMG_0634

The first picture she is making him back off with just the rope. Then she called him in. He came and put his head down. She is rubbing his ears and giving him love.

IMG_0640  IMG_0642-1


  We are thankful for Ranger!

Monday, June 22, 2009


I was definitely made to be a "small town girl". There may not be a Target or Macy's but we have lots of fun in our small country hick town. Last week, we went to the annual "Pig Out". What exactly is a Pig Out, you ask?

Well, its 5 pigs (donated by local farmers) turning on the smoker, live country music, everyone in town gathering at the fair grounds and eating those 5 pigs for dinner. AND its all FREE!!! 

The Band



The Pork Pullers


Ready to fill our plates!


IMG_0713 IMG_0710

IMG_0711  IMG_0712


We sat ourselves on the green hillside to eat our yumalicious Pork!

It was a fun evening of partying with the townspeople.


They even had t-shirts available.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Honey



"As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him" 

Psalm 103:13

Happy Fathers Day to my wonderful husband

and father of our 8 children.

I Love You!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Row Row Your Boat!

Back in early May when it was warm and sunny (it has rained almost the whole month of June - ugh), we went to Big Canyon Lake for a picnic and afternoon on the water. It was soooo nice! And we all had a great time in the sun and water.

IMG_9750-1  IMG_9718

IMG_9760   IMG_9745

The Lake at Big Canyon is about 3 sq miles in size. Just the right size for us. We have kayaks, canoes, a dock and a jumping tower to play on.


Dad and crew going for a "canoe cruise".


The Race                                               Nap time!

IMG_9726  IMG_9765

Sisters chatting away with their toes in the cool water.


The Lifeguard on Duty!


Caleb and Hudson

IMG_9743   IMG_9708-1

Maggie and Weston

IMG_9710-1    IMG_9663

Elizabeth, Abbi and Libby

IMG_9706-1    IMG_9680

Tessa and Dani Rae

IMG_9762-1    IMG_9723-1  

We LOVE our little "backyard" lake!

Gettin' Physical

I don't wear the headband or the leg warmers but this is where I "get physical" three times a week. I am LOVING it!!  A friend (also a neighbor) has set up her basement as an entire exercise room. She has been doing this for Shalena and I since March. We do a mixture of things: aerobics, toning, pilates, and cardio.

It is Awesome!



After 40 minutes in the exercise room (above) we move into the weight room and do about 15-20 minutes of weights. I am SO NOT a muscle girl! The weight room has challenged me but maybe I will get toned and be stronger than my daughter someday!

IMG_9467 IMG_9468

Stay tuned for my 6-pack abs!


Monday, June 15, 2009


We have had another birthday around here. They seem to be coming about every 8 days or so.

Elizabeth turns 6!

She wanted apple pie and that is what she got! Hudson did an awesome job.


She got a craft bag and lots of fun crafts.


Many dresses


And an Orange Kitten!!!

She has been wanting one for almost a year now. There just weren't any to be had and if there was, it was too far away, too expensive, or already taken. So, this spring I was diligent in checking (equivalent to craigslist) for an orange kitty. There was one available. He was free and located in our hometown. I only drove 10 minutes to get him. I took Elizabeth with me. When we arrived, she asked what we were doing? Just as she asked, I saw the mama cat and 3 babies playing next to her. I told Elizabeth, "See that orange kitten? He is yours!" She couldn't believe it. Really! She did not believe me. After convincing her that I was serious, she jumped out and got him. She hasn't put him down since. Oh, and he is an IN-door cat in a house that allows no animals. Hmmm...? He IS way cute and very sweet. He won me over with his constant purring and snuggling with the girls.



She named him Skipper!


Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

I love you so very much!!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tally -Ho!

For those of you who read our blog regularly know that Abbi lost her horse to colic about 4 weeks ago. It was an extremely sad day and difficult week following the loss of a great horse. Abbi continues to miss Chief but sees God's hand in the whole situation.

A friend that was here when Chief died, was telling a friend of hers and another friend overheard and he piped in and said, " I have a horse I would give to her!". I got in contact with him and he gave me the history of this little mare. He kept saying, "If she doesn't work out, I will take her back." So, knowing that, Brian and I decided to give Abbi some time with her and see what she thought about the mare.

The Cowboy (with the mare) knew it was Abbi's birthday the next day and said, "I don't ever miss birthdays. I will have this mare to Abbi for her party!" And he did.

So, we celebrated Abbi's birthday as a family. She opened her gifts. All but one. We had her open this envelope for last. Brian had written a poem for her - - 

Dearest Abigail,

This past month has brought you grief

with the passing of your buddy, Chief.


We know you loved to ride your friend,

not lolly-gagging, but like the wind.


Although he was one of a kind

we thought perhaps you wouldn't mind


If we searched the land for another steed

to quench your thirst for break-neck speed


So we found a filly that needs some lessons

but we figured that would be a blessing


To someone as tough as you

who not only rides but trains them too.


So, with no more reason to dilly dally

let us introduce you to your new friend...


Abbi could barely contain herself. After reading the poem, she looked up and her daddy said, "Tally is on her way and will be here in about 45 minutes." Abbi smiled bigger than life with tears in her eyes. She could hardly wait.

This is Abbi seeing Tally for the first time. Cowboy Brandon is on the right.


They hit it off immediately.

IMG_0345 IMG_0347-1

She is sooo cute!!


IMG_0371-1 IMG_0352-1

What a sweet blessing!