Monday, June 15, 2009


We have had another birthday around here. They seem to be coming about every 8 days or so.

Elizabeth turns 6!

She wanted apple pie and that is what she got! Hudson did an awesome job.


She got a craft bag and lots of fun crafts.


Many dresses


And an Orange Kitten!!!

She has been wanting one for almost a year now. There just weren't any to be had and if there was, it was too far away, too expensive, or already taken. So, this spring I was diligent in checking (equivalent to craigslist) for an orange kitty. There was one available. He was free and located in our hometown. I only drove 10 minutes to get him. I took Elizabeth with me. When we arrived, she asked what we were doing? Just as she asked, I saw the mama cat and 3 babies playing next to her. I told Elizabeth, "See that orange kitten? He is yours!" She couldn't believe it. Really! She did not believe me. After convincing her that I was serious, she jumped out and got him. She hasn't put him down since. Oh, and he is an IN-door cat in a house that allows no animals. Hmmm...? He IS way cute and very sweet. He won me over with his constant purring and snuggling with the girls.



She named him Skipper!


Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

I love you so very much!!



Marci said...

She sounds like a wonderful sweet girl. Happy Birthday Elizabeth!!

Dyar Family said...

That last picture needs to go in a magazine somewhere, it is so cute!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth. So sweet. Gracie just had her 5th and got 2 kittens(check it out) and it was so sweet so I know Elizabeth was probably elated- you can tell. Precious girls..... :)

Natalie said...

Ohhhhh, Skipper was the name of my horse! They both are adorable--get that picture framed!

Susan said...

AWWWWW way cute! he looks just like our orange cat named Sammy.
Sammy is about 5 years old now and a BIG FAT CAT!!! LOL I will have to post aq picture of Sammy so Elizabeth can see him. I'm not kidding her new kitty looks just like Sammy did when he was a baby.
Fun, what a wonderful mom you are!

The Morris Family said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!! Looks like ya'll are partying all the time like we are fixin to do next week!

Our first kitty was orange and he was so neat too! We have another orange one now, but he stays at the barn alot!!
Have fun with him and wow...inside, gettin to be bad as the Morris' with doggies inside!!

God, My Savior Forever! said...

How exciting! Looks like she felt very, very special!!! Apple pie? Too cute! The kitty almost has her eye color..pretty neat!


Cinnamon said...

To Elizabeth from Gaela~

Happy Birthday Elizabeth! I hope you had a good time. I had a good birthday when I was six :-) I like your cat. Your dress if very pretty.

Bye~ Gaela

Andrea Cherie said...

That last photo is PRECIOUS!!