Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rock On!

the cabin...

When I took this picture (a week ago) they were about halfway done.
It is finished now and looks great.
Moving along!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend Highlights


Brian's mom(Gma June) and his sister and family arrived Wednesday night and left Sunday morning after breakfast. You can imagine the fun we had for three full days. In case you can't imagine it, the following are some pics.
(The guys went elk scouting and did some outdoor things but since I pretty much stayed inside, there are no pics of the outdoor activities. But the reports were that fun was had by all.)

The whole crew of cousins!

Cameron and Elizabeth reading books.

Brooklyn and Dani Rae

Caleb and Brady

Some girl time.

Some Daddy time.

(Tess and Maggie)

I gave Brook a lesson on how to crochet. She picked it up quickly. Stay with it Brook!

Grandma doing a puzzle with Mags and Elizabeth.

Tess and Sheridan coloring. Tess is looking like she might be a "lefty".

Who can build the tallest domino tower...

Grandma June's butterhorns. One word - - YUM!!!!

Uncle Greg trying to "win over" Dani by giving her spoonfuls of frosting (right before bed).
You can imagine how silly she was after that.

Fun Games!

More games!

Yummy food and lots of it!

Apples to Apples Junior. We laughed and laughed.

A few more fun times:

Caleb telling a joke and totally messing it up. We laughed harder at his mess up than the joke.

Sheridan referring to Dani Rae as "the really cute girl that always smiles"

Cameron mentioning to Elizabeth that he wanted her to go home with them and she asked if he had a car seat for her.

Pool game after pool game played.

All the kiddos jumping on Cameron in the morning to wake him up.

Great times were had by all!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

So much to be thankful for....

Thanksgiving 2007
"Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name." Psalm 100:4

We kicked off our Thanksgiving Day with the tradition of Pie Breakfast at a home in Park City. Some bachelors started this tradition about 5 years ago. They are now married and have children and the tradition continues on. But it has grown in numbers of attendees and numbers of pies. The pies have to all be homemade and brought over the day before. It has been a very fun tradition for our family and we look forward to it each year.

This is one of the tables of pies. So many to choose from.

Dani Rae has her eye on the one she wants.

Tess had her pie and called it a day. She is snuggled in Aunt Sheilas arms. Oh the life!
(Sheila is Brian's younger sister)

Turkey Dinner
Brian's side of the family came from AZ to celebrate with us this year. His mom, June and his sisters family - Greg and Sheila, Cameron(15), Brady(13), Austin(10), Brooklyn(8) and Sheridan(5). We also had my parents, my Grandma, Bob and Laura, and Joe and Barbara. We had a full house and had a great afternoon of feasting that went on into the evening.

Letting the turkey digest so we can move on to the dessert.

Some more visiting.

Me and my folks!

Oh such yummy pies!

Cousin Cameron and Uncle Greg (Sheilas husband)

Dad and Mom

Joe and Barbara (friends of the family) taking samplers of the many options of pie after a big turkey dinner.

Sign of a good day!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A few Drop-Ins and Outings

Fun Times and Fun Friends...

Sawyer came over to play with Tess for the day. Too cute!

Governors Mansion

We toured the Governor's mansion with our homeschool group.

This is the front of the house. The Gov lives in the upper floors but we were able to tour the bottom floor. Educational and fun!

This is the group of homeschoolers that toured with us that day.

Our four kitties. (Grant's family took the orange one.)

Grandma June stopped by for 2 quick days on her way back from a visit in Kansas. We had a fun time with her. Way too short.

A few of Paul's stopped by for an evening on their way back from a hunting trip. This is Crazy Calvin and Weston. Our time with them was also way too short.

Olivia came over for an afternoon and they got all dressed up for a "wedding". They even included Tess.


This was a fun trip to SL to learn archery and practice. The teacher taught them safety tips, how to old it and how to aim. They started on a very close line and moved their way back. Fun was had by all the children.

Weston, Olivia, Abbi and Jonathon showing off their arm guards.

Caleb and Daniel


Abbi, Weston and Jonathon

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Z Events

Fun Pics of Random Things!

My sweet (and cute) friends, Jeanda and Shawn.

Brian and his "gaggle" of girls.

Caleb after an evening hunt of grouse.

Family Night of Paintball in the backyard.

Two Cuties!

Dani Rae and Elizabeth

Abbi helping her daddy put up electric fence for the horses.

I went to a weekend women's retreat and these are my fun

roommates. We had a great weekend together.

The Protector and Provider! (or so he likes to think) -- Weston

Notice the duct tape - - a true Caleb "fix" at its finest.

Hudson and Oakley playing around.

Tess holding our kitty very tightly around the neck. They were

both very content and happy to be together.

Game Night! Can't have game night without the popcorn!

Dani very busy dressing her baby.

Baby dressed and ready to go - - diaper bag and all.

Caleb scouting for a cow elk. He has a tag to get one.

We are counting on him to fill our freezer!