Saturday, July 30, 2011

Oh, And By the Way...

Happy 4th of July!
(just a little late BUT it is still July)
Since I mentioned 4th of July in my last post, I might as well show you what we did.
If you have been "following" me for over a year 
than you know that July 4th is my most absolute favorite holiday.
I L.O.V.E. IT!!
After seeing the pics you might understand why...

We start the day off with a 5k race.
(This was the first year that I ran it)

Warming up and Stretching

Jake, Calvin, Weston, Elizabeth, Mark and Josh
getting in position on the start line
Lauren, Alli, Hudson, Grace, Abbi and Emilie 
waiting for the race to begin

Tessa, Julia and Hope
Our cheerleaders
Gma June, Cooper and Brian also cheered us along.

Look at these guys!
And check out Mark's footwear...
No socks!!!
And the kid is fast.
(he beat me. not that that is saying much)

 Maggie, Abbi and Emilie
(great form Em)

 Calvin and Paul

 Grant, Josh and Me


What a race.
Yes, I finished and I didn't die. Almost... but I didn't.

after the race, we eat.
It is the most fabulous pancake feed - E.V.E.R.!
Pancakes (of course)
 Hash browns, eggs, sausage,
 a bowl of fruit,
 and the choice of milk, choco milk or juice.
It's a feast!

Caleb, Sam and friend, Jason
played in 3 on 3 bball tourney.
They got 3rd!

The Whole Crew
(except for Caleb and Sam)

The 3 awesome Dads of this crew
Paul, Brian and Grant

We hung out at the park for awhile then headed home for naps.
Grilled hamburgers.
Ate homemade ice cream.
Watched some fireworks.
Went to bed.

My favorite holiday.
Why? you ask.
Well, I think it boils down to the fact that the town entertains me and my family all day.
My one day "off" from entertaining.
No organizing activities, food or schedules.
Just play.
Don't get me wrong - I love to entertain but I do enjoy being entertained once a year.

Thanks America!!
I love you.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

98 and Great!

That's right!
This is Grandma Great.
And she just turned 98!!
This is my Grandma.
(my dad's mom)

My two brothers and their families and my family all gathered at my parents house for the big celebration. (our sister and family were not able to make it)

Her birthday is around the 4th of July.
 We said the Pledge of Allegiance,
sang the National Anthem 
and then sang Happy Birthday!

We ate pizza!!
Jake and Calvin

Abbi, Jess, Maggie and Hudson

 Maggie and Jess

Some of the crew enjoying their lunch in the shade

Mom and Dad

 Then we ate cake...

and homemade peach ice cream.

The children also did a performance/dance to the song "Who Am I?" by Casting Crowns.

Then we played!

 Grant (back), Paul, Grandma and Me

Happy Birthday Grandma!!
We love you. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Clutch?

We have ourselves a "clutch" of ducks.

Mama and Papa Duck spent a few days finding and preparing the nest for their future generation. She laid her eggs in this nest until there were about 7. 
Then she sat.
And sat.
Sat through the rain.
Sat through the heat.
Sat 24/7 for 28 days.

And now she has 3 ducklings, so far.
She is still sitting!
And we are still waiting...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ride 'em Cowboy!

It's that time of year again...
Horse competitions.
A little delayed because of the EHV1 (equine virus) that hit the west.
However, it is in full swing now.
We competed in Evanston 2 weeks ago.

My dad helping with the set-up of barrels.
What a guy!

Hudson competing in poles.
He got 3rd overall in 4 different events.

Dani Rae  
 She got 4th overall.

Abbi doing poles.
 She got High Reserve (2nd) overall for all events.

 Hudson and Ranger

Abbi and Cash

Dani Rae and Ty

Way to go!

Always a fun day competing.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Boy Meets Horse




Cooper, the future Cowboy