Saturday, February 28, 2009



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The Party Table


The Party Guy


The Party -ers

My parents and Grandma came up to help celebrate

IMG_6263 IMG_6266

IMG_6256-1    IMG_6259-1  

Caleb requested Elk Steak(we have plenty of that, thanks to him), twice baked potatoes and orange salad for his birthday dinner.


IMG_6271-1   IMG_6272-1

IMG_6273-1   IMG_6274-1

IMG_6313-1 IMG_6309-1

The Dessert

For his cake, Hudson made a Layered Ice Cream Cake! Incredibly yummy!!!


See the scratch on his face... (read earlier post)


The Gifts

Fire Starter Log                           Caribeaners (sp?)

IMG_6289 IMG_6292

A belt to carry all of his hunting hardware.    Running Shoes- to keep up with me :0   

IMG_6301-1  IMG_6352

A coat that is not Camo ~ finally!!               An ax                         

IMG_6296-1 IMG_6299-1

You are a fabulous son! I am blessed by you :)



Happy Birthday, Caleb!!!

By Request

My nephew, Sir Webmaster Sam, requested a picture of Caleb's adventure's war wound.

Here they are!



Scroll down to read about Caleb's (true) adventure

Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Adventure!

And, of course, this adventure comes by way of Caleb. The following is his account of what happened to him this week. Just so you know, he came home trembling and said he would never hunt in the dark again. 15 minutes later, after the adrenaline went away, he was ready to go again!!  :)


See full size image

  After some research on the best techniques to call in coyotes, I headed for the hills in the late afternoon with Mom's 20 gauge and two of my knives. Hoping to out smart a coyote and return with a nice pelt for a blanket. I found a good spot and started calling. I heard some howls and barks but nothing came in (or so I thought ) so after about two hours it was dark and I unloaded my gun and packed it up. Then I started back to the atv. I decided to try a different route ( not smart). I kinda got disoriented and I found myself doing circles in the dark. Mom called wondering where I was. I explained that I was somewhat lost. She was a bit worried and wished me well.  "Greeaat, now what do I do?" I thought to myself. After some hiking I located the creek and followed it to the trail I needed to follow. I climbed up the steep creek bank. I finally reached the top and stopped to catch my breath and that is when I looked across the creek and saw some sort of medium sized animal looking at me. It disappeared as quick as it had appeared. I backed away slowly and then started into a fast walk looking behind me often. I kept hearing things but I convinced myself it was my imagination. Then, 20 ft in front of me I saw the same wild thing leap across the path. Then I saw him at my right, then my left.  He seemed to be everywhere at once.  I will admit it, I was scared. I came to the clearing where I had parked the atv. I decided to try and sprint across the clearing to my atv. I bolted outta there, but the wild thing bolted right with me. I looked back and saw he was still trailing me and that is when I fell. I thought for sure I was going to be his Saturday night dinner.  When I fell, I cut my head on some ice. The cut starts at my forehead and goes down my cheek. ( I didn't even know I had done it at the time) The wild thing jumped 20ft to my right, I got up and grabbed my knife ( in case It attacked ) It started doing circles around me I growled and yelled hoping to scare it away, but it would just crouch down and growl. Meanwhile, I felt my phone vibrating. Mom was calling again. I wanted to answer it but I was afraid the thing would attack if I made any sudden movements. The atv wasn't far away so I decided to try sprinting to it. I ran as fast as I could. I made it and jumped on the atv and turned the key in the ignition then turned the head lights on hoping to identify the wild thing but it had disappeared. I put it in reverse and flew down the road. My heart was still racing, I met dad coming up the road. He was coming to see what was wrong. I told him what had happened and he thought it might of been a mountain lion.  It seemed to be smaller than a lion.  So the next morning Hudson and I went to see if we could find tracks. We found 3 or 4 different sets of coyote tracks that followed my tracks all the way to the road. So I was being stalked by a pack of coyotes, that explains why it seemed to be every where at once.  I Guess the hunter became the hunted, but not next time!!!    


Aka. camo man

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Whoop! Whoop!

Caleb is 15!!


How can that be? I am too young to have a 15 year old?!! Well, maybe not.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

a look back...

at the fun we have had this winter!


    IMG_3713  IMG_3714                         

IMG_3720    IMG_4948-1

   IMG_5165   IMG_4182


IMG_4618 IMG_4780

IMG_4637  IMG_4643


IMG_4654-1  IMG_5183-1

IMG_5233-1  IMG_5238-1

IMG_4966-1   IMG_4977

IMG_5140 IMG_5976


IMG_5640  IMG_5637

And some backyard wildlife!!

IMG_5350-1 IMG_5339

IMG_4102-1 IMG_5113-1