Saturday, February 28, 2009

By Request

My nephew, Sir Webmaster Sam, requested a picture of Caleb's adventure's war wound.

Here they are!



Scroll down to read about Caleb's (true) adventure


Andrea Cherie said...

Goodness. I'm not even a mama and that whole story makes my heart jump for you! I'm glad he's ok!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Boy Caleb, that is some wound. I am staying away from your ice from now on.

The Morris Family said...

Wow!!! what an adventure,and I hate to say it, but my crew would have LOVED it!!! Hope it heals up and I know if your like our guys, you"ll be off again!!
I have seen most of all the blog pics, I just had not seen your pretty blog and all the cutesy colors!!

Thanks for checking in on us and the guys would LOVE to come build, but they would have to play too:)