Monday, February 2, 2009

Womens Ice-olation Weekend Retreat

A weekend of solitude with the Lord.

 Soul Quest 027-1

A beautiful sunrise just coming over the mountains and peeking through the trees.

IMG_5725  IMG_5724

It was definitely a women's weekend. The bathroom countertops were loaded with the "necessities".


Karyn, Stacy, Shari ~ The Leaders and Planners

Fine dining at the Silver Spur Cafe'



IMG_5705-1     IMG_5716


IMG_5704   IMG_5708

IMG_5709   IMG_5715


Some of the Weekend Happenings...

 Soul Quest 014-1

Encouraging talks


Quiet time with the Lord


Meditation on God's Word

Soul Quest 029-1

Ice-olation in the igloo. The women loved the igloo for a quiet, cozy, prayerful, focused time with God. Very intimate!




IMG_5719   IMG_5720

IMG_5721   IMG_5741

Movie Night!



With some chocolate!! What more does a woman need?


Maybe a cozy fire?


  Soul Quest 022-1

God had provided a new blanket of snow a few days before they arrived. Everything was white, crisp and fresh.

Blue skies. Quiet. Friends. And God!!

Awesome Weekend!!



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Andrea Cherie said...

Just tuck me in under one of those blankets on the couch by the fire! That looks like SO much fun!

Have I told you what an amazing life you guys lead yet? ;)