Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cherished Chief


2 weeks ago today, my daughter, Abbi, lost her best friend and good buddy, her horse, Chief. Her poem describes their lives together.


Cherished Chief

In 2006, my Papa gave me a gift.

It was a horse that had legs so swift.

He was a joy to have had

and he made my heart so glad.


We both love speed

that's what we both need.

We were one with the wind,

before we knew it, we were already around the bend.


And in time, we became two peas in a pod.

I know this bond was the plan of God.

When my heart was sad,

a talk with Chief made me glad.



Chief needed someone to love and trust

and for us to be together was a must!!

He stood tall and was a city horse

which made him nervous of everything, of course.


He was scared to step in water and would not cross the creek.

The only way across was with a big leap.

He didn't like to leave his horse friend, Risky.

Whenever the two were separated he got frisky.


Also, when I tightened the cinch

he jumped as if he got a pinch.

The bridle also became an issue -

When I tried to put it in his mouth, his teeth stuck together like glue.


We didn't have a trainers technique

so a trainer, we did seek!

Soon we found one that worked with Dennis Reis.

She helped my confidence increase.



She showed me what to do

when Chief didn't do what I asked him to.

She helped me break him of his bad habits

like running from cows, moose and rabbits.


Melissa is her name! Chief and I went to her 4 day horse camp.

We worked with our horses from the light of the sun and into the evening with the light of a lamp.

Then we aired up a huge six foot red ball.

It scared the horses one and all.

So we worked with them and wouldn't let them sit

until they snuggled and loved to be up next to it.


Then we played a game with the ball.

By then they were as used to it as their own stall.

We worked with other things too...

But there was still on more thing left to do.

We needed to get Chief to cross water and creeks

so we took him to one and what did he do - he freaked!

So we worked him through it

By the end he was not scared of it, not one bit!!


One day we went to the lake

and not a scared action did he make.

So, we went to the lakes brim

then me and him began to swim.

A few days after our swim, he got sick.

I walked him so that he would not lay down and kick.

At 8:00 am, Mom called the vet.

She came quickly and gave him some medicine and a pet.

Sadly, the next day

I got to the corral just in time to hear his last and most precious neigh.

However, we will never part

for I still have lots of love for him in my heart.

Knowing it was God's will

it is more comfort to me than a pill.

This poem is dedicated to Cherished Chief

through love and grief!!!!


Living on the farm brings many things to a childs life - labor, responsibility, commitment, endurance, diligence, care, learning, new life and death. As a parent, it is hard to watch your child feel the pain of losing a loved animal. My heart ached for Abbi. And I also felt the loss of a great horse. He was an amazing horse for her. She walked through it with great maturity, along with tears. I am very proud of her.

Chief was colic and we kept a close eye on him for 24 hours and it looked like he was progressively getting better. We left him for about 3 hours and when we came home, he was laying in the green pasture. Abbi rushed to him. Rubbed and hugged him. She was yelling at him to get up and not to die. And then he took his last breath. Oh, the sadness!



The Girls Bathroom

Between the two girls' rooms there is a bathroom. The first part of it has two sinks. Then behind the next door there is a toilet and shower. It is a very cute set up. However, I lack in decorating skills and was never sure how to decorate it. So, I just didn't. Well, it has been 4 years and still nothing.  UNTIL this week!! My dear SIL, Shan, came up and gave me great ideas and helped me pick out a color for the bright sterile white walls. She came up on Wednesday. I taped and she started painting. The job went quickly and I LOVE it! So cute and cozy - finally!


And decorated!!





(It's hard to tell but the color is a periwinkle purple)

The girls love it.

Thanks for your help, Shan!

The Girls Pink Room

We have two girls rooms. One is the "pink one" and the other is the "green one".

Maggie, Elizabeth and now Tess are in the pink one. Abbi and Dani Rae are in the green one.

After lots of searching and waiting, I found a white dresser, a bookshelf and an armoire for the pink one.







The Playroom


We de-cluttered and organized the play room...

This is the place that many fun and happy activities take place. They play school, restaurant, house, Legos, Playmobil, and with Loving Family. It is also the place for HUGE messes. (argh!!!)  But for now, it is clean!  :)


The Kitchen


The Nursery for dolls



The pool table and hang out area


It is so nice to have this done. It was a big job and the children were troopers to the very end.

Come and Play!!

(just make sure you clean up your mess before you leave)


Missing AGAIN!!!


I know, I know, I have been terrible with my updating. Are you curious as to what I have been doing?

Well, even if you are not, you are still going to find out - - BUT only, if you keep reading.

You see, I have met a sweet friend (and family) through blogging. Last fall, she asked if their family could come to our place for part of their family vacation.


They have been in Yellowstone and then will swing down to see us. We are all so excited to really meet them. This is their trailer and it will be parked at our house for a couple of days. However, they will be staying with us in our home.

We don't have campers at Big Canyon this weekend so it has given me a chance to get some projects done this week. We have been busy!!!

Stay tuned to see what we have been up to.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Party Patio


The Silver Spur Cafe is a yurt. It is our dining hall and kitchen. We LOVE it! It has been an awesome place to feed our guests/campers in the winter. Now that it is summer, it is time to build a patio for outdoor dining.

Dick O., ( is our awesome volunteer who has put in many hours of labor at Big Canyon) Brian, Hudson and Dick's son leveled the pad, spread the gravel...



and then came the cement truck!!

IMG_8912   IMG_8920 IMG_8941   IMG_8956

Dani and Elizabeth overseeing the guys ~ making sure they do it right! And they helped!!

IMG_8943    IMG_8963

Done pouring.


Time to stamp it.

IMG_8973    IMG_8989

Stamped, dried, and cut. Party grill is ready to be "fired up".

IMG_9510  IMG_9509

Fathers and sons enjoying their meal on the patio.


We also poured a sidewalk up to the lodge. (the poles are for future lighting.

IMG_9500  IMG_9512

It is so beautiful up here. Come and see for yourself!  :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

It's a Miracle!

It has been months. BUT it is true...

I have updated the Big Canyon blog.

Lots has happened since the last post on there and I am trying to catch up so keep checking in on the things at Big Canyon.

Go to

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fun Family Times!!

Sam's recital was Friday night. On Saturday we all gathered at my brother's house. It was a day filled with making memories, cousins, eating, celebrating, munching, visiting, encouraging, laughing, and lots of LOVING!!!


IMG_8071  IMG_8075

IMG_8080   IMG_8087

IMG_8089  IMG_8086

IMG_8088  IMG_8076

IMG_8082  IMG_8078

We jumped on the tramp and rode horses.

IMG_8045 IMG_8164

We played with the puppies.


IMG_8043  IMG_0517

The Rocket Launch (always a big hit with the cousins)



The Reason for our Big Party - The Graduate, Sam


We all circled around. The men of our group shared memories and gave Sam godly advice as he begins a new journey.

IMG_8090 IMG_8119

What is a party without sweets?


Both sets of grandparents (my parents on the right)


IMG_8098  IMG_8099


Gift opening



IMG_8144  IMG_8150

Flying kites

IMG_8177 IMG_8172

IMG_8158 IMG_8156

All of us playing baseball


IMG_8195 IMG_8199


IMG_8232  IMG_8217

Just plain ol' cuteness!



The huddle...                          The Set up...

IMG_8240-1   IMG_8248-1 

The Play!


It was a very special day. This is the beginning of a new chapter for our extended family. Our children are becoming adults. Fun!