Saturday, May 9, 2009

We Love Our Friends!

Do you remember the ski day I had at Deer Valley with my friend Erin?

Wellll, that day was completely and fully complimentary of Dave (Erin's husband) He gave me the free pass, he hooked me up with free ski rentals AND he stayed home with their 5 children so that I could ski ALL day with his wife, my friend!

Sounds like quite some debt - on my part.

I owed Dave BIG TIME!!

I was able to pay back. Dave and Erin spent a day (back in April) of skiing - just the two of them. AND I was honored to stay with their 5 children. Of course, I took 4 of mine. And everyone had playmates!

We read lots of books.


Maggie and Phoebe

IMG_7741-1    IMG_7747-1

The Boys - Ben, Weston and Eric

IMG_7736-1 IMG_7746-1

The girls played "Queen". Ellie was the queen, Dani was the princess and Elizabeth was the maid servant.



Lunch Time!!

IMG_7762-1 IMG_7764

It was a fun day with their children (and mine too!)

Oh, and then Erin sends home with me ~ a dinner for our family!! Her way of saying thanks. I sure know how to pick my friends - - don't I ?

Thanks M Family!!



Bethany said...

I wish you a very Happy Mother's Day tomorrow!! Knowing your children, they probably have it all planned out with lots of wonderful memories to be made!!

The Morris Family said...

Sorry about that,wrong account, its me, Cindy