Friday, May 8, 2009

Did you know...?


...that it is illegal for an exterminator to exterminate a swarm of bees?

It is true.

Lucky for us!!

You see, the non-beekeeping people that get a swarm on their tree or their fence call the exterminator, the exterminator calls the local Bee Supply Store and the Bee Store calls my dad. My dad gets his hi-tech professional computer paper box and heads to the site where the swarm is swarming. He uses his professional bee catching technique and gets the swarm in the box. And this time we were the lucky recipients of his successful capture.

Hudson gets a second chance at beekeeping!


Because it is late in the season for bees to just be starting we will be helping them with lots of sugar water. They need to work fast and furious to produce enough honey to eat for the winter ~ which will be coming!!

We are hopeful they can do it. All to say, we (the people) may not get any this year. We will anxiously wait and see!

IMG_8906  IMG_8909

The bees were flying and swarming. BUT not stinging! In all of the confusion, they were focused on one thing ~ where is the Queen?!! They were not bothered by us. All keepers and bystanders walked away with no stings!!


Nana and the girls watched from a distance. Smart!

Thanks Dad!



Andrea Cherie said...

AWESOME!! I'm so happy for you guys!

Susan said...

Glad you guys are getting a second chance @ the bees! Hopefully they'll work fast for you! But I'm w/Nana and the girls...I would have been watching from a distance too :0)

Cinnamon said...

God is Gracious isn't HE :-)

Honey comb is the best!

Congratulations Hudson!
Cinnamon and gang

The Morris Family said...

So glad for the 2nd opportunity! And as far as the backhoe goes, thats the way to do it for sure. I don;t think we could take a side off our barn though!! I enjoy seeing all the everyday stuff that you all do. Thanks for being a far away friend!!"

Natalie said...

The world needs more beekeepers! Go Hudson!!!