Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Graduate

Background: I have three siblings and between the 4 of us, there are 26 children. That means there are 26 cousins!

26 cousins + together in one place = Great times!!

Well, back to my reason for posting this - -  Sam, the oldest cousin (17), is graduating this year. He is my older brother's son and they live in Idaho. We all wanted to be there for the first of many graduations to come.

So... that is where we all headed!



I might also mention that all 26 cousins are home-schooled.

Sam and two other home-school graduates put on a Music Recital for friends and family. The families of the graduates (with help from friends) provided a fabulous buffet dinner. Tons of socializing and then the graduates blessed all of us with their talent.

This is my older brother, Paul. He welcomed everyone and introduced the graduates.


This is my nephew, Sam.  Let me just say, he is AMAZING at the piano. (almost as good as his Aunt Ashley -hee hee)  We are so proud of him.

  IMG_8028-1  IMG_8036

Sam, Nicole and Garret playing together for the finale.


Fine dining with cousins.


Emilie, Abbi, and Grace                Debbie (sis), Sammy, and our Dad

IMG_7999  IMG_8002 

Alli and Dani Rae                          Lauren and Hudson

IMG_8032  IMG_7998 

It was a fun evening.

Great recital!!


Cinnamon said...

Don't you just love filling up a table with your family. So cozy! It looks like such fun~ Cinnamon

Andrea Cherie said...

WOW! Graduations and weddings with our cousins have been so much fun! I really treasure the times we are all together, I bet your kids do too!

If you have 8, how many kiddos do your siblings each have?

Jessica said...

How funny, I am in Idaho-what part did you go to? Fun. We are always looking for like minded families. Maybe they are near!! If your siblings are like you :)

TnFullQuiver said...

Just wait until your oldest graduates!!!! did I mention that I am way too young to have a son that just graduated???? Thanks for sharing the fun. I love it when home school families do something wonderful for the children's graduation.
grace and peace,

Susan said...

Wow! y'all clean up well!