Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I think our "baby" has outgrown his bassinet.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


One of our peeps had a birthday.
It wasn't just any ol' regular birthday.
It was his 10th!

Coop was excited for another pa-arty!

Weston chose Coconut Cream Pie for his dessert.
Lo-ove it!!

He barely got all 10 candles blown out.

He opened a few presents.
(yes, Caleb wrapped this one in girly paper for him)

Opened a few cards with $$$

And tradition around here is that 
when you turn 10...
you get a BB gun!!!
Safety Off!


Then he showed his sisters how to do it.

(isn't that the cutest?)

The next morning, he went out and got his "first kill".
He is loving being 10 and owning a gun.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Not Again!

Someone's been messin' with my boy again.
And I got the proof!
Evidence was on my camera.
Cooper is 5 1/2 months.
Sleeping through the night and taking 2 1/2 naps throughout the day.
He is sitting up and starting to eat food.
Oh yum!
He loves to hear his name - Cooper Stone
He does NOT like pink sunglasses but will tolerate them for now.
His personality is laid back and very happy.
 Coop is a joy to all of us.
 We especially love the drool...
and REALLY love his smiles.
In case you are wondering what his shirt says...
"Sorry Girls, mommy says NO DATING!"
Does everyone understand that?!
Well, he seems happy enough about the silliness the kids do to him.
If it's good with him, it's good with mama!
Oh! We lo-ove this boy!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Her Boy!

Her Best Friend!!

 This is Dani Rae's beloved boy, Ty.
 He is patient and good to her.
 They compete together.
 He gives her "his all".
They are buddies.
Dani Rae loves him!
And, if I didn't know better, Ty loves her too -

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A New Thing!

We have a new ball and a new kind of uniform around here.
Weston is trying the "soccer thing" with his cousin, Jake.
They both participated in a soccer camp.
 For never having kicked a ball, he did great!
 And he really enjoys it!

He starts his "new thing" with his official team and coach tomorrow.
Oh the excitement!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mountain Man Living

Back in June (yes, way back then), we went to a
 "Mountain Man Living" 
Day at This is the Place Monument.
I guess we don't get enough "mountain living" up here so we went down to the city for a bit more :-)
Oh, we had fun!

A pioneer woman showing the girls how laundry was done back then -
By Hand!!
Then each of the girls got to try it.
And then they hung the laundry to dry.
We all decided we like doing laundry with our machines.

A lady was spinning yarn.
A fun tree swing for Dani Rae
Hudson playing "pick up sticks
Caleb and Coop enjoying the shade.
Weston trying a few games with the pioneer boys.
Tessa taking a turn at it.
And Elizabeth

Home Sweet Home for my boys.
They loved this tent.
Look at those hides!
Beaver, fox, coyote...
Oh, the envy!

This guy was a trader looking for Indians that might be interested in trading for some of his things.
It was fun to see and hear about his belongings and what they were used for.

The Mountain Man Blacksmith.
Very interesting to watch him pound out the shapes.

Our Crew of 9