Monday, August 22, 2011

Mountain Man Living

Back in June (yes, way back then), we went to a
 "Mountain Man Living" 
Day at This is the Place Monument.
I guess we don't get enough "mountain living" up here so we went down to the city for a bit more :-)
Oh, we had fun!

A pioneer woman showing the girls how laundry was done back then -
By Hand!!
Then each of the girls got to try it.
And then they hung the laundry to dry.
We all decided we like doing laundry with our machines.

A lady was spinning yarn.
A fun tree swing for Dani Rae
Hudson playing "pick up sticks
Caleb and Coop enjoying the shade.
Weston trying a few games with the pioneer boys.
Tessa taking a turn at it.
And Elizabeth

Home Sweet Home for my boys.
They loved this tent.
Look at those hides!
Beaver, fox, coyote...
Oh, the envy!

This guy was a trader looking for Indians that might be interested in trading for some of his things.
It was fun to see and hear about his belongings and what they were used for.

The Mountain Man Blacksmith.
Very interesting to watch him pound out the shapes.

Our Crew of 9


Cinnamon said...

Love all the pictures! I laughed at the fact that you had to go to the city to get some more mountain man living :-)

We were just talking about your Jeremiah Johnson (Caleb) and smiling at how rugged he is. You have the perfect boy land there!

Miss you friend~ Cinnamon

Amy said...

Love it!! We love seeing living history. Looks like you had a lot of fun.