Monday, June 30, 2008

Food! Fun! Fellowship!

Creekside Christian Fellowhip
Spring Fling and BBQ
at Big Canyon Ranch
We have made it somewhat of a tradition for our church to do a BBQ after church here at Big Canyon. Lots of people, lots of food and lots of fun!

The Dining Hall

The Great Grillers

The Other Griller

(my cute husband)

Tess, Maggie and Elizabeth

Tess loves BBQ's. People feed her all kinds of things and she picks up any dropped food from the dirt and wood chips and has herself a feast. Sky is the limit at a BBQ ~ of course she loves them!

Yum Yum

The Dessert Table

Sweet Friend Janet and Gerry





Horseshoe -in'

There were great times at the Lake but I did not make it over there with my camera so I have no pictoral evidence. Ask anyone ~ lots of fun!!

Thanks Creekside Family for sharing the vision and excitement of Big Canyon!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Real Treat!

The girls and I were in Salt Lake so we stopped by to see a friends 3 week old colt. What a cute boy. Malibu and Abbi made friends quickly.

Checkin' her out

Some play time

Abbi started to leave the corral and he followed her

Wanting a kiss

Saying good-bye

Getting his kiss!

Bye Malibu!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sew What!

SO (sew)...
We are taking a sewing class given by a lady through my brother's church. Shannon (his wife) and daughter Jessica invited us to join them. We are learning lots and having a good time. The girls are making a pj gown. Pretty cute!



Jess and Shannon

Stay tuned for the finished product!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This little guy is one of our latest additions. Caleb "won" him at the Junior Stampede in a Puppy Chase ~ hence the name, Rodeo. He is 9ish weeks old and he is half Basset Hound and half Lab. In my opinion, a funny mix but it makes for a cute pup. He has adjusted well and the children LOVE him.

Puppy Love

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quality Control

The True Test of Our Quality of Goats Milk


She LOVES to do chores with her siblings. And she really loves to taste the milk - yup straight from the nipple into her mouth. This is Tess on Hudson's lap signing with her hands, "more". For her that means bring some of that my way, Hudson. She wants some of that yummy milk.

Hudson aims the teat and she opens wide.

Yum Yum

Keep it comin'

Ahh. She loves that stuff! And it makes for a very happy baby.

ps sorry about the goat hiney in all of the pictures


We have the family watch dog...

It gives me great comfort to know we have dogs that stay nearby and protect my children. Bandit is the best at that. It is rare that Bandit does not join my children in whatever they are doing.

Bandit and the children - What more could you ask for?...

Maybe a turkey?

I kid you not ~ this turkey, Mr Tom, is with us at all times. He was suppose to be last years Christmas dinner but he became so friendly and saved his own life. When it was time to butcher him the children pleaded with their daddy to not. They really wanted to keep him as the farm mascot. The pleading worked. If anyone is in the yard or farm yard, he is right there with you. He loves for us to pet his head. When we ring the dinner bell, he gobbles. When we yell for someone, he gobbles. He is so amazingly friendly and the highlight of our little farm.

It is hard for me to take a picture without him in it...

And then we have the family "watch Turkey"

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Junior Stampede Rodeo

Saturday Night Fun!

We saw a poster advertising a "kids" rodeo in a nearby town, Peoa. Population: 22 We love rodeos and especially when we can participate so we knew we could not pass this one up.

Elizabeth and Dani Rae started the evening off with the Stick Horse Relay. They ran around 3 barrels as fast as they could with their "speedy" stick horses.

Dani and Salty

Elizabeth and Taffy

Brian was not able to go with us. Our dear friends, Rob and Shawn joined us for an evening of fun and excitement. They provided and extra set of hands or eyes when needed. Thanks Rob and Shawn!! The Peterson's also joined us. We all had fun.

This was one of the many Chases. Tons of kids chasing after animals. Small town rodeos have to love it when a family like ours shows up...

And here is why... we "win" the chases and end up with all of the animals that need homes.

Caleb caught: Puppy, kitten and a rooster

Hudson caught: Puppy and kitten

Abbi caught: Hen, and almost a bunny

Maggie caught: Bunny

The good news is we ended up only taking home 2 of the animals. The bad news is that we took 2 animals home.

The Mutton Bustin' Champ

Weston had a blast riding a sheep. He clamped his legs and held on tight. Stayed on all the way across the arena. Way to go Weston!!

Maggie and the best catch of the night - her bunny. She has wanted a bunny forever! When she came out of the dust and crowd of children, she had this cutie in her arms and a smile from ear to ear. I knew for sure this guy was going home with us. She was delighted and so in love with her new friend. The other animal we took home was Caleb's puppy. He is a cutie and fits in great around here. (I don't have a very good pic of the two of them so will post that later.)

We had a fun time. Brian says next year we go again but this time we take animals and come home with None!! (funny guy)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kindred Spirits

Laurie, Erin and Mandy!!

These 3 women are so special to me.

We have been getting together for about 6ish years now. We get together to encourage one another in many areas of life: our walks with the Lord, our marriages, motherhood, homeschooling, and just life. Oh how I cherish each one of them. (Laurie also wrote about our time.)

One year, Mandy taught the other 3 of us to crochet. So, when we get together, we are usually crocheting while we visit. Out of that, we started a very sweet tradition: Whoever has a baby gets a blanket from the other 3. We each crochet 1/3 of a blanket with whatever color, stitch and pattern we want and then we pass it to the next person and they choose whatever they want to do. And so on. Then the baby recieves a very unique and special blanket with much prayer and lots of love "crocheted" into it.

Well, we got together last night. It was the first time since I had miscarried Jeremiah. While we talked, they crocheted - somewhat secretly. By the end of our time together they presented me with the sweetest little blanket for Jeremiah. Oh, I love it!!!

Thank you, Friends!! Love you all.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Bribe...

that was long overdue!

We have been busy with swim lessons, finishing the cabin, feeding the workers, and just plain ole life that our living quarters (home) has been neglected. What a disaster!
I told the kiddos - - This house has got to be cleaned! And we are going to be a team and get it done! (Here comes the bribe part...) If each of you gets your assignment done quickly and with a cheerful heart, we can all go to the Lake.
Job well done!!
Here are pictures of our time at the lake.
(the lake is on Big Canyon property and a part of the camping experience for campers)

Hudson jumping off the tower

Tess dancing on the deck.

Hudson teaching Maggie and Weston how to row a boat.

Oakley doing the "dog paddle" and trying to catch the boaters

Sweet Tess

Cute Elizabeth

Abbi and Tess

Abbi trying out Caleb's boat made with scrap from the cabin. Not too bad - it floats

We had a fun time. Our house is clean. And their Daddy was blessed when he walked into our home after a long days work.