Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Bribe...

that was long overdue!

We have been busy with swim lessons, finishing the cabin, feeding the workers, and just plain ole life that our living quarters (home) has been neglected. What a disaster!
I told the kiddos - - This house has got to be cleaned! And we are going to be a team and get it done! (Here comes the bribe part...) If each of you gets your assignment done quickly and with a cheerful heart, we can all go to the Lake.
Job well done!!
Here are pictures of our time at the lake.
(the lake is on Big Canyon property and a part of the camping experience for campers)

Hudson jumping off the tower

Tess dancing on the deck.

Hudson teaching Maggie and Weston how to row a boat.

Oakley doing the "dog paddle" and trying to catch the boaters

Sweet Tess

Cute Elizabeth

Abbi and Tess

Abbi trying out Caleb's boat made with scrap from the cabin. Not too bad - it floats

We had a fun time. Our house is clean. And their Daddy was blessed when he walked into our home after a long days work.

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Dyar Family said...

Looks like a great time, what motivation!! I love the pic of Hudson up on the tower, look like a big jump... so fun!