Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kindred Spirits

Laurie, Erin and Mandy!!

These 3 women are so special to me.

We have been getting together for about 6ish years now. We get together to encourage one another in many areas of life: our walks with the Lord, our marriages, motherhood, homeschooling, and just life. Oh how I cherish each one of them. (Laurie also wrote about our time.)

One year, Mandy taught the other 3 of us to crochet. So, when we get together, we are usually crocheting while we visit. Out of that, we started a very sweet tradition: Whoever has a baby gets a blanket from the other 3. We each crochet 1/3 of a blanket with whatever color, stitch and pattern we want and then we pass it to the next person and they choose whatever they want to do. And so on. Then the baby recieves a very unique and special blanket with much prayer and lots of love "crocheted" into it.

Well, we got together last night. It was the first time since I had miscarried Jeremiah. While we talked, they crocheted - somewhat secretly. By the end of our time together they presented me with the sweetest little blanket for Jeremiah. Oh, I love it!!!

Thank you, Friends!! Love you all.


utahsweeney said...

great minds think alike - I'm blogging about you guys too!!!

Natalie said...

What a lovely, sweet gift--the blanket and the friendship!

PS--tried to crochet once. It makes me sweaty and nervous!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley, I can by to check out your blog. Wow, you have been doing this for awhile. I just stared a blog and of course it will take some time till I get it how I wantit but I think this will be fun for me. What a beautiful family you have. What a full but wonderful life, our God is sooo good!.

Love in Christ,

Anonymous said...