Sunday, June 22, 2008

Junior Stampede Rodeo

Saturday Night Fun!

We saw a poster advertising a "kids" rodeo in a nearby town, Peoa. Population: 22 We love rodeos and especially when we can participate so we knew we could not pass this one up.

Elizabeth and Dani Rae started the evening off with the Stick Horse Relay. They ran around 3 barrels as fast as they could with their "speedy" stick horses.

Dani and Salty

Elizabeth and Taffy

Brian was not able to go with us. Our dear friends, Rob and Shawn joined us for an evening of fun and excitement. They provided and extra set of hands or eyes when needed. Thanks Rob and Shawn!! The Peterson's also joined us. We all had fun.

This was one of the many Chases. Tons of kids chasing after animals. Small town rodeos have to love it when a family like ours shows up...

And here is why... we "win" the chases and end up with all of the animals that need homes.

Caleb caught: Puppy, kitten and a rooster

Hudson caught: Puppy and kitten

Abbi caught: Hen, and almost a bunny

Maggie caught: Bunny

The good news is we ended up only taking home 2 of the animals. The bad news is that we took 2 animals home.

The Mutton Bustin' Champ

Weston had a blast riding a sheep. He clamped his legs and held on tight. Stayed on all the way across the arena. Way to go Weston!!

Maggie and the best catch of the night - her bunny. She has wanted a bunny forever! When she came out of the dust and crowd of children, she had this cutie in her arms and a smile from ear to ear. I knew for sure this guy was going home with us. She was delighted and so in love with her new friend. The other animal we took home was Caleb's puppy. He is a cutie and fits in great around here. (I don't have a very good pic of the two of them so will post that later.)

We had a fun time. Brian says next year we go again but this time we take animals and come home with None!! (funny guy)


Dyar Family said...

Looks like you all had a great time! Gotta love bringing home new animals, fun for the kids I am sure. I love reading and keeping in touch with your family!

TnFullQuiver said...

Looks like so much fun for everyone! I think Maggie will really enjoy her rabbit. Our daughter has loved her rabbit so much. She stays in a rabbit cage in Hope's room. I hear her chatting to the little bunny all the time.
grace and peace,

momofmanysheep said...

Oh my goodness! It looks like sooo much fun! Boy! You could have had a ready-made farm in only minutes.

In Christ - Teri

Melissa (aka Kitty) said...

Wonder which one will turn out to be a veternarian?