Monday, June 30, 2008

Food! Fun! Fellowship!

Creekside Christian Fellowhip
Spring Fling and BBQ
at Big Canyon Ranch
We have made it somewhat of a tradition for our church to do a BBQ after church here at Big Canyon. Lots of people, lots of food and lots of fun!

The Dining Hall

The Great Grillers

The Other Griller

(my cute husband)

Tess, Maggie and Elizabeth

Tess loves BBQ's. People feed her all kinds of things and she picks up any dropped food from the dirt and wood chips and has herself a feast. Sky is the limit at a BBQ ~ of course she loves them!

Yum Yum

The Dessert Table

Sweet Friend Janet and Gerry





Horseshoe -in'

There were great times at the Lake but I did not make it over there with my camera so I have no pictoral evidence. Ask anyone ~ lots of fun!!

Thanks Creekside Family for sharing the vision and excitement of Big Canyon!!

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