Thursday, April 30, 2009


Another teenage boy in the house!!

Hudson has the third and final birthday in April. Whew!!

Imagine this... the boy wanted steak for his birthday dinner. Of course!! I am glad he did because it was extremely tasty. Cooked perfectly! He also wanted Banana Cream and Coconut Cream pie for his dessert. (that he made from scratch from Gma June's recipe) Again, I am glad he did - so Wonderful!!!



The Party Guests

IMG_8324IMG_8331 IMG_8325 IMG_8330

IMG_8327  IMG_8337

The Lighting of Many Candles


The Gift Opening

 IMG_8378 IMG_8375 

IMG_8379 IMG_8387

Hudson is a joy to have in our family.

He is eager to learn, enjoys reading, disciplined, always willing to help, loves to wrestle his brothers, take care of his sisters, help his dad, enjoys cooking, loves Jesus!

Happy Birthday Hudson!

I love you.

A year older...

The next birthday in April was mine...

29!! (again)

I got a haircut and ran some errands in town. When I returned home, the children were all standing in the garage with greetings of "Happy Birthday" AND

the house was spotless!!  It looked amazing. I loved it!!

Then we all loaded up and headed to Salt Lake to eat at the Olive Garden.  We didn't want to mess up the kitchen - heavens no!

Waiting for them to prepare our table.



All of these cute Garden boy waiters singing Happy Birthday to me - Italian Style!


My Sweet Family and My Sweet Parents!

IMG_7898 IMG_7902

IMG_7897-1 IMG_7899-1

It was a fun day. I am a blessed "young"(very) lady.

Life is good!

God is great!!!


Maggie turned 9 earlier this month. My oh my, they grow up so fast!

For her birthday dinner she wanted Costco pizza. Yum! She wanted Strawberry Shortcake for her dessert. Double yum!



Papa, Nana, Grandma Great and Grant's family all came up to celebrate.

IMG_7672-1 IMG_7679

IMG_7669 IMG_7673

IMG_7675-2   IMG_7677-1

IMG_7682         IMG_7678-1



This Maggie girl is something else!

She is a blessing to our family in so many ways:

servants heart, always willing to help, takes great care of her siblings, responsible, honest, snuggler, sweet, hardworking, meticulous, loves to learn, good student, loves Jesus!

AND she asked Jesus into her heart last month!!!!

Happy Birthday!


I love you, Sweet Maggie!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Who is Stronger?

With two teenage boys in the house, there is never a dull moment of "manliness".




Caleb was stronger this time. But Hudson is up for the next challenge. Maybe next time we will have a ref (watching the elbows) and we will have to get Hudson more serious.

A New Ride!

Abbi and Maggie have worked really hard at the camp this winter cleaning the Lodge after our guests.  They have saved their earnings and bought themselves new bikes. A whole new world of fun for them!





Monday, April 27, 2009

Mission Accomplished!


Thanks for your words of encouragement. I pushed through and the job is done. I still have a few things to do but we are functional again. Whew!!!


Everything has a place. Everything in its place!


Let the teaching and learning begin again!


I sure do think so!

If you haven't met our turkey, this is Mr. Tom. He was to be Thanksgiving Dinner in 2007. So much for that idea. He wooed his way into all of our hearts (except Brian's) and we all begged and plead to keep him as the farm pet. He has survived two winters. 

He has been struttin' his stuff and drummin' his chest a lot lately ~ thankful to be alive!!!


He loves to be wherever we are - right in the middle of the action.

He also loves for us to pet his head. Silly Tom!


Quite the friendly guy.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Where in the World is Mountain Mama?


I have been many places, as of late, but this is one place that desperately needed me... and it has needed me for quite some time - - - -


Our School Room!!!

This is a picture of the process - everything pulled out.

It is getting an overhaul ~ BIG Time!!

My beloved said I can blog again when it is finished (I had to sneak this post in b/c I needed a break). Pray for me - I need to stay focused! Way too easily distracted. :>)  And I need another boost of energy. I have been working for 2 days (not straight - there is "life" to live) in this room. Making progress but ready to be done.

Here I go..........................

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh No!!


We were out of town this past weekend (more later on that).

First thing on Monday, Hudson wanted to check his bees and give them their second round of medicine to prevent any bee illnesses. Well, he didn't have to do that because when we opened the hive there were 7,009 dead bees. Yes, there were 3 barely alive bees. Oh the devastation!! We are just sick about it. Not sure what happened except for the fact that their sugar water was still completely full.

Hopefully it is not too late to replace them.

Hudson was extremely bummed.

I did not have the heart to take pictures of all the dead bees.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What is all the BUZZ about?

BEES are the buzz!

Bees fascinate me. And we LOVE their honey. My dad has had bees since before I was born (that was a long time ago). He would be classified as a true beekeeper. He knows and understands bees, hives, and honey. I have always wanted bees but I have never had the desire to be their master - a beekeeper. My patience has paid off!! Hudson, wants to be a beekeeper!!! Hallelujah!!!!

So... for Hudson's (early) birthday present, my parents got him all set up to "keep" bees. They spent an afternoon putting together the supers, frames and foundations.  


IMG_7504    IMG_2175

Abbi also pitched in (after spending time with her horses)

IMG_2177    IMG_2180


A week later, the  7,012 bees arrived from California in a small pine box. 7,011 worker bees and 1 queen. We filled the feeder with sugar water.


Took the queen out of the box. (The workers are swarmed around her.)


The Workers


Hudson dumping them in the hive. Do you see the bees on him? That is why I have not wanted to be a beekeeper.


Here is another reason - a bee got inside of his suit.


Putting the hive together - full of bees.


The Spectators

IMG_7639-1   IMG_7645

Papa, Hive and Hudson


Work Bees, Work!

Honey, honey, honey!!