Thursday, April 30, 2009

A year older...

The next birthday in April was mine...

29!! (again)

I got a haircut and ran some errands in town. When I returned home, the children were all standing in the garage with greetings of "Happy Birthday" AND

the house was spotless!!  It looked amazing. I loved it!!

Then we all loaded up and headed to Salt Lake to eat at the Olive Garden.  We didn't want to mess up the kitchen - heavens no!

Waiting for them to prepare our table.



All of these cute Garden boy waiters singing Happy Birthday to me - Italian Style!


My Sweet Family and My Sweet Parents!

IMG_7898 IMG_7902

IMG_7897-1 IMG_7899-1

It was a fun day. I am a blessed "young"(very) lady.

Life is good!

God is great!!!


Cinnamon said...

Isn't a clean house when you get home just the best thing ever? I know I always love it!!

Happy Birthday Mountain Mama. It looks like you had a very special day!


Andrea Cherie said...

My sister's husband is our family jokester- last year he wrote on my mom's b-day card: "Happy 30th birthday for the 18th time!" We all got a good laugh!

So Happy 29th Birthday for however many times!

Natalie said...

Oh, go on! You're not 29! You're 25, right? You're just trying to make us all feel better. Happy Birthday!!!!