Saturday, April 11, 2009


That is how many pictures we took on our vacation. We have been home for 2 weeks now and I am STILL posting pics. I am sure you are saying "enough already!" Indulge me by looking at our final vacation post.

March 23-29 2009

Fresh orange juice in the process of being made. Everyone had a job and the labor paid off!! Yummy!



IMG_7197   IMG_7198

   The Grillin' Men and my Kitchen Assistant preparing dinner

IMG_6973-1  IMG_6975

Dinner time!


We even rode a horse!

IMG_6944 IMG_6939-1

Weston laid an egg!  :)


Grandma June came on the weekend and spent 3 days with us.


She took us to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. We love that place!!

IMG_7144  IMG_7150

IMG_7145  IMG_7159

IMG_7156    IMG_7154

My salad was "picture worthy" because it was so beautiful and not to mention incredible tasting.


After dinner, we walked down El Paseo Drive. The children visited with Honest Abe.



We played games and colored.

IMG_7334-1   IMG_7122-1

We took naps and hiked to the cross (on the mountain behind the condo)

IMG_7263-1    IMG_7186


We left all of this beauty...



and came home to this!

Of course, our 2-wheel drive passenger van got stuck. Brian ran to the house and brought the truck to pull us out.

IMG_7477-1 IMG_7480

We had a great vacation. But is good to be home again!          

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~Susan~ said...

800 photos?? WOW! Looks like you guys had a wonderful vacation! Lots of FUN pictures :0)