Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fun with Friends

Tex and Thayne's family are dear friends of ours.  The problem is that they live in Colorado and we live in Utah.  However, we do try to cross paths at least once a year.  Three years ago the whole family stayed with us.  Last year, Tex flew out and spent a few days with us.  This year, Tex (13) and his sister, Thayne (10) came.  It was a real treat to have them both.  We all were blessed.  And of course, Hudson and Abbi had a ball.


Friday, August 29, 2008

Long Live the Queen!

"Long Live the Queen!  Long live Queen Tess!!"  That is what I kept hearing from downstairs.  And it wasn't long before the boys came upstairs and this is what I saw...

IMG_8417 IMG_8424

Tess was dressed in a dress "fit for a queen" with all kinds of jewelry and hair pretties (in the back of her head since that is where she has the most hair).  She was definitely decked out like a queen.  Then they padded the doll basket with blankets.  Laid "the queen" into her chariot and carried her wherever she wanted to go.  Oh yea, she also got her "dee" (blankie).  That was a treat b/c she only gets that in her bed.  She was livin' it up and getting the royal treatment!  There were also princesses (sorry no pics of the other girls) and servants.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cowboy Up!!

August 9, 2008

We love this time of the year!  County Fairs and Rodeos!!  This year we only bought 4 tickets for the final night of Rodeo ~ the best of the best. (We usually buy tickets for everyone to go on the night they designate as Family Night which is more affordable for our family) Hudson and Abbi were the ones to accompany Brian and I for the evening.


Hudson and Abbi


IMG_7839 IMG_7840

These two were being such goof balls.  I just kept taking pics of them.


Parachuter brought in the American Flag



Some fancy Bronco Riding.  We saw it all and had a great time.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tea Time...Again!

August 9th, 2oo8


This time it was a formal tea.  (If you remember, our most previous tea party was a last minute thing and we just threw a blanket on the ground and we enjoyed our tea and each other.) Abbi and Maggie were invited to Olivia's home for a tea party. 


The Tea Table elegantly set for the little ladies.



The Centerpiece with China dolls



The Tea and Dessert Table with many yummies



They also played croquet.  The girls had a great time!  Thanks Olivia!!

Lifeline Church Family Camp

August 1st - 2nd 2008

My brothers church (LifeLine) from Salt Lake came up for the weekend to have a Family Camp at Big Canyon Ranch.  We provided Friday nights dinner and also Games and Activities on Saturday.  Take a peek at some of the fun we had.

The first pics are of my nephew, Jacob, on the rappel tower.  He almost went but at last minute decided not to.  The video is of my brother, Grant.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Team Effort

Working on our little ranch.  The boys and Abbi (with my help) unloaded the million ton (that's what they said) bale of hay off the truck and rolled it into the shed. 


Hudson and Caleb



  Abbi and Hudson using their leg power to push the million ton bale. Caleb using his 4-wheeler to push the million ton bale.


Hudson driving the truck to dump the last bale of hay into the pasture.



Elizabeth and Maggie "mucking" the goat pen.

IMG_7757IMG_7756-1 IMG_7771 

Tess feeding Mr. Tom his grain.  She loves that crazy bird!


Abbi clipping the goat hooves.  Dani Rae keeping Little Lacy happy with oats.



Weston cleaning out the chicken coop.




Who knows what these two were doing but they were having fun and I am sure they were a good help.

Swim! Swim!

We have enjoyed watching the Summer Olympics.  Speaking of the Olympics...We like swimming.  Caleb and Hudson are on the Park City Aquatic Team and Abbi is on Pre-comp (the team that prepares you for the Competition team).  Here is a slideshow of a few of their swim meets. 

Saturday, August 23, 2008

We GO to camp!

Yes, it was our turn to be campers.  And we had a great time!  I will tell all when there is more time.  We arrived home yesterday at 5pm.  And this weekend's campers arrived at 7pm.  We are movin' and a groovin' again.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

God Moves!

On September 20th, we are having an all day Christian Music Festival at Big Canyon Ranch.  In order to do that, we need a grass field.  We prayed for the money and the means to get that done.  God answered!  He provided so many volunteers with heart and drive to get this done...  We had two men, in their spare time, dig and move the dirt to shape the amphitheater.  We then had a youth group from Ephraim come for a week and they prepared the ground, trenched and laid sprinklers.  Then, about 30 people from California come out for a missions trip and we were one of their stops.  They worked from 10am - 7pm laying sod.  We also had a group of guys from our church come out to help.  WOW!!  It is done!! (With the exception of one spot b/c we ran out of sod).  Trees are planted, grass is laid, and sprinklers are watering like crazy!  Come one, come all!

September 19 & 20, 2008

Friday, August 15, 2008

Cross Country

I ran cross country in high school.  So, I consider myself a runner.  My husband laughs at the idea.  Now that I think about, all the boys in my house laugh.  Maybe, it is because I was voted "Most Athletic" my senior year and they put a picture of me and Troy C. (the most athletic guy) in our Senior calendar and my boys are just jealous.

Well, anyway, back to my point.  I know it has been quite some time since high school but I still do run (in between pregnancies) to keep the heart pumping and lungs working in my old age. If you know where I live than you know my predicament - from my house the road goes straight up or it goes straight down.  Either way, I have to go up hill at some point.  Not good options.  I hate hills.  So, in my mind, I am thinking, I am a Cross Country runner.  I can run in our horse pasture (where it is much flatter) and run the terrain - across the country land!  After all, I am a cross country runner!

In High School when I ran cross country, I remember the smell of flowers with the morning dew, the little dogs nipping at my heels, nicely paved sidewalks, overgrown trees of shade and people waving as they drive by.  Cross Country?  I don't think so!!!

So, I have been running in our pasture.  There are no smells of flowers unless you think manure smells like a flower.  Instead of little dogs, there are grasshoppers everywhere jumping off the grass and on to me - creepy.  The sidewalk resembles rocks of all sizes placed strategically in no manner at all so that I can twist my ankle at any given time.  No shade, just overgrown, prickly thistle.  And as for cars, there are none, just horses and dogs running around stirring up the dust.  Now that is true cross country running.  Why didn't the public schools really prepare me for this?!!  Who knew?

All to say - - I have chosen "the hill" option.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Horsemanship for Abbi

Abbi attended four days of horsemanship classes.  She and Chief are quite the pair.  The first two days they did "Ground Work" ~ having control of your horse from the ground.  ie: catching, saddling, lunging, etc.  They also worked on Round Pen - getting your horse to run the speed and the direction you want him to with just body language.  Chief really follows Abbi's body and does whatever she asks.  Both quick learners.

Games played:  Musical Tires, Rock Race, Dollar Bill Hold Bareback, TP Hold with friend, and Soccer with 6 ft red ball.

Hudson went one day and was able to play in some of the games with their pony, Sugar.  He had a great time.

In the soccer game, Abbi is the one with the paint horse, white helmet and pink shirt.  The aggressive one!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Weston's Year in Review

Sunday, August 10, 2008


 Happy 7th Birthday, Weston!


He really wanted Grandma's Homemade Chocolate Pie so we celebrated his birthday last week while Grandma June was still here.  He (and others) "helped" Grandma with the pies.



I think you all know what I mean by "helped".  Yes, they licked the spatulas, spoons, and bowls.  So helpful!!



He got a Camo backpack with camping/hunting supplies.  AND...


Ole' Betsy Rifle!!!  Hudson bought it for him with his lawn mowing money (he mows the lawn for a neighbor).  Weston LOVES it!  If you see Weston then you see Betsy! 


Tess loved the pie.



806 060 806 056

Backpack, canteen, camo sleeping bag, camping supplies and Betsy.  What more could a 7 year old boy ask for? 


We Love You!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Green Beaches

Today was a day of splashing and jumping in the cool pools of Z Beaches!   The girls played in the water and on the beaches of green grass ( in our back yard) and I watched them.  Relaxing and fun.


 IMG_7689  IMG_7734-1 IMG_7735-1 IMG_7705


Caleb went on a hike with friends up Lewis Peak (for those of you who don't know our area ~ it is a full days hike to the top of Big Canyon).  Hudson and Weston went on their own little day hike with a packed lunch.  Because our campers are hiking today, they will not need my cooking.  (A day off for me!!)  Here are two of the boys as they returned from their hike.  The girls were just getting out of the pools and so the boys jumped in for a quick cool down.