Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Grand Finale

A Few Parting Shots...


Dani Rae







We had a fabulous time in Palm Springs, California.

We relaxed, played, rested, sunned and just had plain ole fun. Thanks to the P Family for sharing their condo with us. We have made memories to last a lifetime. We have been refreshed and ready to move into "busy" time for us with building Big Canyon and serving/hosting campers.

Thanks to all my blog readers who put up with all of these posts and photos. I am now finished with this segment of our lives.

Palm Springs - Part 3

Days 4 & 5
I know, I know, I must be boring you all to death with all of these pictures. Please humor me, after all , I did take 507 pics - that is insane.
I guess you could say, I needed sunshine.
Anyways, most of our days consisted of about the same activities. Swim, eat, rest, eat, swim, swim, bed!
Brian was able to read 2 books and I finished the one I was reading. Excellent! I will share it with you another post. Each morning the children would pick fruit from the trees around the property. Oh my goodness!! So incredible. The oranges were our favorite.

Just returned from the morning orange picking.

Maggie cutting and picking seeds. Caleb juicing them. My mouth is watering just thinking about the juice. Amazing!!!

The boys playing water basketball.

Brian vs Caleb and Hudson
The Big Noodle War

Elizabeth warming in the sun

Jump Weston!

Go Dani Rae!

The Mattress Queen

Everyone in the pool

Brian and Tess - soakin' in the sun

Brian taught the children how to play "Pitch" (a card game). It is a game for four and you are paired up. Abbi and I won every game. Hudson and Brian were good sports.

Big sister feeding little sister.

Keeping warm in the cool mornings

Tess and Hudson

Caleb and Maggie

Dani and Elizabeth

Caleb and Tess


The Three Musketeers

This is Brian.
This is Brian in charge of dinner.
This is Brian being very busy reading his book while cooking the meat.
Go Brian!

This is Dinner!
Great job, Honey!!

Another few fun days in the sun and pool!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Palm Springs - part 2

More Sun, More Fun
Day 3

We did "Home Church" on this Sunday. We sang songs, prayed and had a very famous guest speaker - Grandma June! She acted/taught the story of Jonah with great helpers. Many lessons to be learned from Jonah.

Dani and Elizabeth are the sailors on the ship. Weston is Jonah. The ship was about sink.

So, the sailors threw Jonah overboard.

Along came a big fish and swallowed him up.

Jonah under the shade tree.

Dani was the worm. She came along and killed the tree. Jonah learned lots of things about God and himself through all of these events. We can learn from him also.

Rummikub was played often and when Weston played there was lots of laughter.

Brian took Caleb, Hudson and Abbi to a waterpark for the day. Gma June and I stayed home with the other children. We celebrated Hudson's birthday when they got home.

Gma taught the little girls to jump in the pool with their "rings" on. They enjoyed their new trick.

Maggie swam/played with Tess in the water. Tess loved it!

The Little Fish

The End

Monday, April 28, 2008

Palm Springs Fun

Sun, Sun and More Sun
650 miles, 11 hours, 507 digital pictures, 3 bottles of sunscreen, 10 sunburns, 1 bottle of aloe vera and great memories = Palm Springs Vacation!

Day 1 - The arrival

This is the view from "our" condo to the pool

This is the back patio of our condo

We arrived to Palm Springs at 8:00am. Stopped by the grocery store and picked up cereal. Got to the condo and before I had even started my cereal, the children had eaten, had their suits on and were swimming. (not even time for me to find the sunscreen - sunburned shoulders)

Noodle Ride

Hold on Dani Rae

Noodle War

Brian joined in on the fun

Ice Cream cones for dessert.
All were sitting in the grass when along came....


She went from sibling to sibling getting a lick from each one.

After ice cream the guys played catch.

Right here, Hudson!

Day 2 - More Sun!

Elizabeth and Dani playing a little golf (little girl style) on the putting green out back

More swim time

Grandma June (Brian's mom) arrives from Arizona

We walked to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner on Paseo Drive. Oh boy, were we a sight! "Are they all yours?" "How many children do you have?" "One, two, three, four..."

An evening swim. This looks more scary than it really was. No heads bonked!

We finished the day off with watching the Utah Jazz beat the Houston Rockets in the first game of the first round of playoffs.

ps Don't begin to think you have seen the last of Palm Springs. Are you kidding? I have 507 pictures and 4 more days to write about.