Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Making Progress

Family Cabin is moving along...

Cabin with some sheets for the roof.

Almost closed in!

North side of building

Back of the building

Brian and Joe - - The Boss Men

Some of our volunteers busy at work....

My dear ol' dad

Dick and Butch putting up walls.

Gotta feed the help!

The cabin is "dried in"and has most of the windows installed.

A group of guys are hoping to finish the framing today.

The following pics are of one of our Cabin Friends.

He thinks he is help but he really only causes a distraction to those who really are working. He is a young bull moose who likes to get a drink at the pond just outside of the cabin. What a fun guy to watch. You can see he was not bothered by us.

Isn't she GREAT!!

October 18th
This is my Grandma!
Margaret Christine Rust
94 years young
Get this - - She had 2 children.
(one of them is my dad)
They each had 4 children.
(8 Grandkids-one of them is me)
She now has almost 40 "Great Grands"
(as she calls them)
We call her Grandma Great and great she is!!

We stopped by for a visit. Lots of talking and giggling took place.

She had coloring books for us to color in.

Caleb and Maggie

We love Grandma Great!!!

Farm Festival Fun

October 18th
Visit to Cornbelly's
at Thanksgiving Pointe
in Lehi, Utah

This was a fun outing with Aunt Shannon and cousins.
We first watched a video on how corn is raised and all the different
ways it is used. We all learned something new.
We watched a "Chicken Show".
The chickens sing and talk while sitting in their crates.
The children were very entertained by them.
Jessie, Maggie, Jacob, Elizabeth, Weston and Abbi
Dani loved it!
A visit on the porch.
A tractor ride through the pumpkin patches.

Fun activities!

Buried in kernels of corn.

A Happy Farmer--Caleb

Playing "store".

Fun hayride through the corn fields to a pumpkin patch.

We each got to pick a pumpkin to take home.

Weston and the pumpkin he picked.

Maggie and her pumpkin.

Maggie and Jess finding their way through the 12 acres

of corn field maze.


Dani Rae

Josh and Elizabeth leading the way in the corn maze.

We all had a great time!

Fun memories with cousins.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


October 21st

the Pony

Pete was given to us from a family in Salt Lake.
(Thank you so much. You have blessed us!)
He is 15 years old and stands at about 12 hands.
What a great pony!
Very sure-footed, fast, loves to ride,
sweet to the children, and a great pal for Chief (our other horse)!
Abbi and Pete.

He already has his winter coat and winter chub!

Dani loves her small pony!

Maggie likes horses but is ok to just watch. But, she loves

to ride Pete!

Weston and Elizabeth enjoying a ride.

We Love Pete!

Snow in October?

What is wrong with this picture?
We got about 4 inches of snow on October 18th...
that is wrong
The children were out in it first thing.
It was warm enough as you can see.
Abbi is in shorts, Caleb shirtless and no coats...
that is wrong
They were busy building the first snowpeople of the season.
(It did melt by end of the day)

Team effort!

Maggie, Abbi, Hudson, Weston and Caleb

Almost done!


Snow-mama pulling her snow-baby.

Cute. Great work kiddos.

Dani and our nameless female kitten watching.

(any suggestions for a name?)

It was a fun day in the snow!!

Hudson Goes to Alaska!

August 2007
Soldotna, Alaska
The Three Musketeers
Sam, Papa and Hudson
Papa has a cabin on the Kenai River.
He loves for friends and family to visit and fish.
Hudson and Cousin Sam had the opportunity to join him this year.
They flew out together and made great memories.
Uncle Bob (my sisters husband) and Cousin David joined the crew a day later.

River fishing.
Got a bite!

Bringin' him in.

Nice one!

Sam, Uncle Bob, David and Hudson
with the catch of the day!


Mr. Co-Pilot
Thanks Papa, Sam, Uncle Bob and David for a great time!