Sunday, November 30, 2008

So Much...

To Be Thankful For!!!

"Praise the Lord.

Give thanks to the Lord, because he is good. His faithful love continues forever."  Psalm 106:1




Dad and Mom

IMG_3177-1   IMG_3176-1

                 Deb (sister) and Bob                            Elaine and Paul (brother)

IMG_3318-1  IMG_3281-1

                  Me and Brian                                       Joseph and Barbara (Friends)

Thanksgiving Day was not just a day for pigging out feasting.  It was a day of being together and having lots of fun.

Horsin' Around



Jumpin' Around



Piano Playin'

IMG_3216 IMG_3167


IMG_3219     IMG_3267-1 




     Wrestlin' (poor Uncle Brian)                           Readin'

IMG_3255-1  IMG_3263-1

IMG_3265 IMG_3274-1




             Hangin'                                                          Gigglin'

IMG_3282-1 IMG_3243-1

Makin' Memories

IMG_3277-1   IMG_3314-1


IMG_3320-1  IMG_3125-1

At the end of the day, we all gathered in the family room for a (Big) Family Devotion.  Lauren and Nana (mom) played the piano as we sang Hymns.  Then Papa (dad) shared some scripture from Deuteronomy.  Papa asked a few of us to share a few things that we are thankful for.  Then we prayed.  An awesome ending to a fabulous day. 


Bye now!  Ya'll come back, ya hear!


"Give thanks to the Lord, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done."  Psalms 105:1

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gobble Gobble


Hoping each and every one of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

This year we partied celebrated at my parents house in Salt Lake.  Paul's family (Idaho) and Debbie's family (Colorado) were all in attendance.


I know, I know, another dead carcass on my blog.  But, I just had to show you the turkey and let you know that this turkey is not our Mr. Tom (our pet farm turkey).  He has survived yet another Thanksgiving!!


All of the cooks!!


Elaine and her girls made all of us aprons. So sweet! This year we involved most of the girls to assist with the cooking. Some peeled potatoes, some cut veggies, some made the salad, some made nametags, some set the tables and some took naps (which was actually more helpful than wandering around our feet).  More hands make less work. Amen!!


The Preparing...

IMG_3151-1 IMG_3131-1

  Mom, Me, and My Sister (Debbie)        Sarah, Maggie and Lauren peeling potatoes


IMG_3158    IMG_3126

     What all good cooks do ~ taste test!!!                        Debbie (actually working)



Paul (my brother) and Brian standing around doing nothing cooking the turkeys.  They were grilled/baked and then smoked.  Oh, they were so moist and yummy.  Way to go guys!



Ahhh! The turkeys. Done!



Bob carving the turkey.

The Feasting...

IMG_3291  IMG_3289-1

IMG_3293    IMG_3295

There were 33 total people.  Three loooong tables with every spot filled.


IMG_3161  IMG_3299-1

              II Samuel                                           Weston and Calvin


The Cleaning...

IMG_3304-1    IMG_3330-1

What a crew!! 

Great effort by all.  A full day of cooking and very full tummies.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Bragging Rights

Thanksgiving is this week.  We LOVE Thanksgiving.  It is a time that we get together with our extended families.  Last year Brian's sister and her family and Brian's mom came out to celebrate.  This year we will be celebrating with my family.

Let me introduce you to my family...

My Parents (1964)


My Parents (2008)



My Family (1979ish)

Mom, Dad, Paul, Me (nice Dorothy Hamill cut), Debbie and Grant


Bob, Paul, Grant, Brian and Dad (2007)


Debbie, Me, Mom, Shannon, Elaine (2005)





Paul's Family

Sam, Calvin, Mark and Paul


Lauren, Emilie, Grace, Alli, Hope (Elaine did not send me a pic with her in it hmmm)


Hope Ashley Deborah



The Graduate

Sam is the first grandchild.  He will be graduating in the spring.

JSP_20080906_0123 JSP_20080906_0121


Grant's Family

Grant, Shannon, Joshua, Jessica, Jacob and Julia


Josh, Jacob, Jess and Julia




 Debbie's Family

Bob and Deb


Luke, Daniel, Sarah, David, Savannah, and Samuel


This is Samuel. Too cute. He is the youngest of all the grands ~ so far.



Papa and Nana and all 26 grands.


That is alot of fun right there!!

Happy Thanksgiving