Friday, December 30, 2011

Dear Blog,

Please forgive me for the neglect you have received from me over the past 2 weeks. I will try to do better.
Thanks for not giving up on me.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Crafts. Carols. Cousins!

And a whole lot of 
Crazy Fun!!!

Grant's family came over for an evening of FUN!
We started out with a small devotion about
"the star"
and why we use that symbol at Christmas time.
Then we made star ornaments.

Glitter glue and sequins.

Painted popsicle sticks and yarn

And of course a Master Glue Gun-ner...
The sticks were glued in a star shape.

Then we wrapped the middle with yarn.
And decorated with glue glitter and sequins.
Pretty Stars!

Then we feasted on pizza and salad!
(Wal-mart's take and bake - We LOVE it!!)
And Shannon's homemade fudge!

After our bellies were full and everyone was fat and sassy
(I am always sassy)
the children played the piano/violins and we all sang Christmas hymns.

And then of course there was dancing.
Grant really "cut the rug".

And then the Grand Finale was

Fun! Fun!

Friday, December 16, 2011


Another fun tradition around here
 at Christmas time - is the building of gingerbread "things".
This year it was Brian and the girls on Team Candyland.
They built a house.

And did a very fine job!

And then there was me and the boys on Team Choo Choo.
We built a train.
Things could have gone much smoother if our frosting hadn't been like puddy.
Nearly impossible to work with.

But, we managed.

And our train turned out ok.

Have you ever tried to build something "cute" or  "creative" with 3 boys?
And two of them being teenagers?
It was hoot. And we had fun.

Way to go Gingerbread thingy builders.
Job well done!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Not our playroom!

Couldn't BE!!
We just don't live like this e.v.e.r.!!!
What children would pull ALL of their toys out and have a blast?
Oh, not mine.
Maybe my children might do that...
They did.
They do.

After an hour 
(or 2, or 3)
of teamwork
A clean playroom!
(for a few minutes anyway)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Deck the Tree

With Ornaments!
For my newbie followers:
One of our Christmas traditions is that each child gets
a new ornament that represents their past year.
Then when they move out, they will have at least 18 ornaments
to decorate their own tree (with a spouse or w/out).

Cooper got the traditional
"Baby's First Christmas" Lenox Ornament
So cute.
(The ornament is too)

Tess - horse
First horse competition
(in the lead-line division)

Dani Rae - piano
Started playing the piano this fall

Elizabeth - piano
Started piano lessons this spring

Weston - soccer player
Played on his first team of soccer

Maggie - soccer player
Also played on a team for the first time

Abbi - cell phone
Got her first phone this year

Hudson - runner and pig
Ran Cross Country for the High School
Raised his first pig

Caleb - runner
Also ran Cross Country
He took 4th overall at State. yay!

Our tree is "decked" out!
And ready for this joyous Christmas season!

Caleb's Future

A Successful Hunt
(for somebody anyway)

Bull moose says to his friend,
"Ahhh... Revenge!
Isn't it sweet?"


Monday, December 12, 2011





Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh Dani!

7 Years Old!!!
Welp, we have celebrated another birthday lately.
Dani Rae!!

A few of the guy party guests.
"Hey Caleb! Look what I have... your phone. na na"
How does the "little guy" have all the room on the couch?
And the big guys are scrunched?

A few of the gifts for our horse loving girl:

Horse jammies
Halter for her horse (pink, of course)
Fancy riding shirts
(more pink)

And a yummy oreo crusted Chocolate Delight
for dessert

Cooper got a taster and did NOT want to stop at just a "taster".
And so...
He didn't!

This little girl has been a blessing to us from the minute she was born.
So thankful for her smile and sweet spirit in our lives.

Happy Birthday Dani Rae!!
We love you