Friday, December 16, 2011


Another fun tradition around here
 at Christmas time - is the building of gingerbread "things".
This year it was Brian and the girls on Team Candyland.
They built a house.

And did a very fine job!

And then there was me and the boys on Team Choo Choo.
We built a train.
Things could have gone much smoother if our frosting hadn't been like puddy.
Nearly impossible to work with.

But, we managed.

And our train turned out ok.

Have you ever tried to build something "cute" or  "creative" with 3 boys?
And two of them being teenagers?
It was hoot. And we had fun.

Way to go Gingerbread thingy builders.
Job well done!


Valerie said...

How fun!!!

Mendi... said...

We're gearing up to do the same thing next week! Great fun! Special memories!

Amy said...

That's great!!! I love the fact you were with the boys and your hubby was with the girls:) I think they turned out great...Thanks for sharing!