Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh Dani!

7 Years Old!!!
Welp, we have celebrated another birthday lately.
Dani Rae!!

A few of the guy party guests.
"Hey Caleb! Look what I have... your phone. na na"
How does the "little guy" have all the room on the couch?
And the big guys are scrunched?

A few of the gifts for our horse loving girl:

Horse jammies
Halter for her horse (pink, of course)
Fancy riding shirts
(more pink)

And a yummy oreo crusted Chocolate Delight
for dessert

Cooper got a taster and did NOT want to stop at just a "taster".
And so...
He didn't!

This little girl has been a blessing to us from the minute she was born.
So thankful for her smile and sweet spirit in our lives.

Happy Birthday Dani Rae!!
We love you


Shelley said...

Happy Birthday Dani :). WE have little girl horse lovers here too. I went to a mom to mom sale today and picked up the cutest pair of horse rain boots (too bad they were the wrong size). I hope she has a wonderful day. I am with Coop, I would need much more than a taster on that delicious looking cake.
Have a blessed Christmas season.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Dani Rae!!! You are such a beautiful little girl. Love your smile.

Ashley, I think you need to share the recipe for that delicious looking oreo dessert!!!

Coop would fit in just fine with the Shelbys!!! We love our desserts. Isaac would have been right there with him. He's such a little piggie.

The Munck Family said...

Happy Birthday...late! looks like you had a great time, and I agree a yummy dessert!