Wednesday, November 30, 2011

To Market. To Market.

It all started back on a hot July evening 
when Hudson paid $5 to chase a greased piggy at the Buckaroo Rodeo.
Who knew we would be bringing a pig home that night?
So little and so cute.
Hudson fed him.

And fed him.
4 months later -
He is HUGE!!
He is SOLD!!

Yesterday, we attempted to move him.
Talk about hilarious. 
 Something learned:
The more you pull on a pig, the more he pulls.
But he pulls harder! Much harder!!
After I took this picture, Hudson grabbed the other ear and the pig took off. 
Hudson held on to both ears and his feet were dragging. There was no stopping the squeally pig. 
I wished I had kept taking pictures but I was kinda scared for Hudson and I was laughing.
All to say, the pig won and went back to his pen.

 Later that day, the trailer arrived.
Hudson was gone.
Caleb was gone.
Me: "Abbi, how are we going to get him loaded? I saw what he did to Hudson earlier."
Abbi: "Hmmm. How about a bucket of food?"
Me: "He just ate and is not interested."
Abbi: "I know! Milk!"
She ran into the barn and quickly milked our goats.
The trailer backed into the pen.
Abbi put the bucket of milk in his nose and he jumped right into the trailer.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


And I thought turkeys were the ones to "get stuffed"!
This is our turkey; stuffed and rubbed with a secret recipe marinade.
Ready to bake!

Then it was off to our yearly tradition of
Pie Breakfast
with friends in Park City.

So many pies. So many friends!
So many memories!

This was kind of a momentous year for our family.
It was the first year since we have been married that we did not feast with extended family or friends.
We had plans for family to come here and then we were going to travel to Idaho
and then we just ended up home - JUST US!
We had a low-key very relaxing day.
Here are a few things we did:

After Pie Breakfast we came home and made appetizers.

Snacked on the yummies...
and watched some football (kinda).
It was on anyway.

Then each of the kids began prepping the dish they chose to make for our Thanksgiving dinner.
Abbi - pumpkin pie
Hudson - Chocolate and Coconut Cream Pie, and Sweet Potato Crunch
 Elizabeth - Salad
 Tessa - gravy
 Maggie and Dani - Crescent Rolls
 Caleb - Orange (fruit) Salad
(yes, we let him in the kitchen)

Weston - stuffing

Brian - Turkey Carving
Cooper - Cat Watching
 Me - The Kitchen Director

Time to EAT!

 After dinner we passed cards around that said'
"I am thankful for you"
and each of us wrote in everyone's cards and shared what we were thankful for about them.

 Grandma Great even joined in!

And then...
It was time for more pie!

and very thankful
for all God has blessed us with - especially each other.
God is good.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks!

"Give thanks unto the Lord; 
for he is good:
because his love endureth for ever"
Psalm 118:1
Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lead Line

What is "lead-line", you might be asking yourself?
Well, in my opinion, it's the greatest horse competition for "yung uns"
Items needed:
A 4 year old daughter that LOVEs horses - check
 A Horse - check
A Line - check
A Leader - check
with everything in "check", Tessa was able to
 join us this year and compete also.
It's all about holding on and how fast your leader/runner can go.

Hence, the blue ribbon and big smiles!

August 13, 2011
The afternoon started off with Hudson and Abbi carrying the flags
for the National Anthem.
 aww... tears in my eyes
I just love our country and our freedom.

Let the games begin!
Go Dani Rae. Go Ty!
 A few (cute) fans.
 Go! Go! Go!
Hold on Tess!
 Run Hudson!
 A few more (cute) fans.

It was a fun day in Evanston, WY!