Friday, November 4, 2011


Have you ever wondered what we do on Fridays?
Probably not.
Well, if you keep reading
 you are about to find out anyway...

First of all,
it's French Toast Friday.
A favorite breakfast around here.
Then we do 2 hours of school.

we load Grandma into the car and head to
Main Street in our small town
for her weekly hair appointment.
"The Shear Touch" is our destination.

This is where Mrs. P awaits our arrival and gets started on Grandma's hair.

We enjoy our visits with Mrs. P 
the person Tessa can NOT wait to see is 
(her name is actually Becky but Tess calls her Ra-becky)
Meet Rebecky.
She is 43 years old and lives with her mom.
Becky's mom was kicked by a horse in the stomach when she was pregnant with Becky.
Becky can not walk.
She understands EVERYTHING!
And can talk.
(not real clearly but enough that her mom can understand her)
She and Tess have a fun time together.

Becky's mom gets her hair done just before Grandma so we get to see and visit with
"Rebecky" while her mom finishes up.

Grandma is all fixed up and ready for another week.

Well, whether you wanted to know or not - 
now you know...
what we do on Fridays.


Amy said...

I love this!!!! It was a great post. I bet "Rebecky" enjoys her interaction with your girls. What a joy for both of them!!!

The Morris Family said...

Thats a very sweet day you all have!! I remember going to the beautry shop with my mom, when the bee hive hairdo's were in!!! hahah! I remember gettting a glass coke (bottle) out of this certain machine that you had to hold the top of the bottle and wind in through the path to get it to the end and it released it!! Old, huh????? hahah!!!!

Have a good day!!! Hi Family!!!