Wednesday, November 30, 2011

To Market. To Market.

It all started back on a hot July evening 
when Hudson paid $5 to chase a greased piggy at the Buckaroo Rodeo.
Who knew we would be bringing a pig home that night?
So little and so cute.
Hudson fed him.

And fed him.
4 months later -
He is HUGE!!
He is SOLD!!

Yesterday, we attempted to move him.
Talk about hilarious. 
 Something learned:
The more you pull on a pig, the more he pulls.
But he pulls harder! Much harder!!
After I took this picture, Hudson grabbed the other ear and the pig took off. 
Hudson held on to both ears and his feet were dragging. There was no stopping the squeally pig. 
I wished I had kept taking pictures but I was kinda scared for Hudson and I was laughing.
All to say, the pig won and went back to his pen.

 Later that day, the trailer arrived.
Hudson was gone.
Caleb was gone.
Me: "Abbi, how are we going to get him loaded? I saw what he did to Hudson earlier."
Abbi: "Hmmm. How about a bucket of food?"
Me: "He just ate and is not interested."
Abbi: "I know! Milk!"
She ran into the barn and quickly milked our goats.
The trailer backed into the pen.
Abbi put the bucket of milk in his nose and he jumped right into the trailer.



The Munck Family said...

Wow...he got huge! Way to go Abbi and mom, fast thinking to get that big boy to in the trailer!

It also looks like ya'll had a great Thanksgiving. A pie breakfast neat idea....and yummy!

Jennifer said...

Good thinking, Abbi on getting that piggy in the trailer~

Anonymous said...

Most would say , "It's brains over brawn any day of the week!" However, that "piggy back ride" will be a funny and unique conversation piece for years to come - a priceless memory! Way to go Hudson, I'm sure you almost had him! Way to win, Abbi! Nana

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Way to go Abbi!

Cinnamon said...

Video!! Next time take a video....I bet that would be a good one to show at his wedding ;-) That really was hilarious to read and I'm sure even better in person.

Good job Abbi! Smart girl~


Amy said...

Poor little pig!!! :) I would have loved to see a video of the Hudson riding the pig. One more special memory before the pig left.