Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lead Line

What is "lead-line", you might be asking yourself?
Well, in my opinion, it's the greatest horse competition for "yung uns"
Items needed:
A 4 year old daughter that LOVEs horses - check
 A Horse - check
A Line - check
A Leader - check
with everything in "check", Tessa was able to
 join us this year and compete also.
It's all about holding on and how fast your leader/runner can go.

Hence, the blue ribbon and big smiles!

August 13, 2011
The afternoon started off with Hudson and Abbi carrying the flags
for the National Anthem.
 aww... tears in my eyes
I just love our country and our freedom.

Let the games begin!
Go Dani Rae. Go Ty!
 A few (cute) fans.
 Go! Go! Go!
Hold on Tess!
 Run Hudson!
 A few more (cute) fans.

It was a fun day in Evanston, WY!


Cinnamon said...

What a great bunch of cowboys and cowgirls :-) They look great! I'll have to come back and show Gaela. She'll be bothering John all over again for a horse :-)


The Morris Family said...

They are looking good atop those ponies!!! haha!!! I so remember my 12-16 year age when I was horse craZy and rode in shows and all of my favorite seasons of my life!!!

Keep it up!! Hope you all are ready for the season of celebrating Jesus!!!

Love you friend!!!