Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh No!!


We were out of town this past weekend (more later on that).

First thing on Monday, Hudson wanted to check his bees and give them their second round of medicine to prevent any bee illnesses. Well, he didn't have to do that because when we opened the hive there were 7,009 dead bees. Yes, there were 3 barely alive bees. Oh the devastation!! We are just sick about it. Not sure what happened except for the fact that their sugar water was still completely full.

Hopefully it is not too late to replace them.

Hudson was extremely bummed.

I did not have the heart to take pictures of all the dead bees.


Anonymous said...

what a bummer!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Hud!


Andrea Cherie said...

Aww so sorry to hear that :(

I'll be praying you can still replace them this season and that Hudson won't be discouraged in his beekeeping efforts!

Cinnamon said...

Oh my! How sad! I could just imagine the dissappointment and all that delicious honey in the making.
Did you ever find out what caused them to die?


Susan said...

Oh, no...What a disappointment...I hope you guys can figure out what happened so as to prevent it from happening again...

Natalie said...

Darn! What a bummer to discover this. I hope you are able to get new bees!

Anonymous said...

No more beach bees. You need tough mountain bees. Good luck on the next batch.

Uncle Grant