Monday, April 6, 2009


I have to interrupt the vacation posts for a very important newsflash...

Tessa is potty trained!!

And way too cute.





It just gets easier and easier. Tess was, by far, the easiest!! We (Abbi and Maggie) spent a day in January potty training her. She had a few successes. Enough to know what is to be done. Things got busy and crazy around here. We didn't finish training her. So, we decided it was time when we got back from our vacation. We put her in underwear. She had 3 accidents and not one since. That was a week ago Monday. Yipee Tessa!

I think my baby just grew up over night.

IMG_7724 IMG_7719

IMG_7720 IMG_7721

It is definitely nice to not be changing diapers but on the other hand it is not so nice. It means I have no babies in our home. We have been changing diapers non-stop for 15 years. I may have withdrawals. At least with the baby part.


Cinnamon said...

Waaay too cute~
Don't you just love when the olders children help the younger children potty train? I do.

Well, we can give you a short baby fix when Granton comes. I'm sure he'll fall in love with you all as we have~


in a world surrounded by men said...

I'm sending Lucas over this summer. Tell Abbi and Maggie to put it on their calendar.

Teri said...

What is it about mommies and children on the potty. I just blogged about that today too.

Yeah Tessa!

Andrea Cherie said...


Natalie said...

Congratulations! I have to say I was very happy to reach this milestone! So was my wallet. . .