Monday, April 27, 2009

Mission Accomplished!


Thanks for your words of encouragement. I pushed through and the job is done. I still have a few things to do but we are functional again. Whew!!!


Everything has a place. Everything in its place!


Let the teaching and learning begin again!


Cinnamon said...

I was wondering if you survived or got buried under a pile of history books? hee hee

Glad to hear your alive and breathing~It looks great!


The Morris Family said...

Wow!!! A job well done!!!! Love the bikes and my, what strength your guys have:) I only wished it was that calm of showing off strength around here, sometimes I wonder how long the walls, furniture, floors will hold up??? Always a joy to stop by and see what you all are up to!!

~Bren~ said...

GREAT JOB!! It looks awesome!

Cheryl said...

I love it! You did a great job! Will you come here now and help organize all my school mess?! :o)

Dani Joy said...

I love your school room! What a blessing!