Saturday, June 14, 2008



It was three weeks ago that we said "hello" and then "goodbye" to our sweet son, Jeremiah. Oh, the heartache of losing a child! But, Oh the joy of walking through this with the Lord being ever so present has been amazing. Friends and family ask me how I am doing. I am doing great. I really am! I still have my sad moments and I do think often of Jeremiah. There are things that remind me that I am no longer pregnant and I won't be nursing or cuddling my son and sometimes I cry and sometimes I just think of him, either way I am so quickly reminded of God's presence in my life and His goodness.

I had no idea how much grieving took place when experiencing a miscarriage. You would think it should be fairly easy. Afterall, you didn't really know the child. Or I suppose there are those who might think that dealing with a miscarriage would be simpler for a woman with as many children as I have. The truth’s not. Oh my, yes, I am so thankful for each one of my children. Each are so unique and a blessing from God - truly! I do not take for granted what we have. But, I still have sadness for the one we didn't get to bring home and watch grow. I am so thankful for this experience with Jeremiah. All the more, I know the sadness women and families go through when dealing with a miscarriage. It is due to the loss of this precious life, that I cherish the ones I do hold and nurture - even more!

( My awesome sister gave me the Willow "Remember" statue in remembrance of Jermiah ~ so sweet! )


utahsweeney said...

Love you friend!

Anonymous said...

Ashley, I pray for you and think about you everyday! I know that it is not easy to get through something like that. But, I know when I had mine I was so scared to try again because I couldn't image going through that again. We waited about 3.5 years and then we were pregnant with Rylie and all went well! And, now with us being blessed with Raegan I still wonder about the other baby, was it a girl or boy, would Rylie or Raegan look like them. But, someday we will be able to answer are own questions. And that will be a joyful day!! I love you!! Take Care!! You could get into the economical car and come to Kansas. I can meet you there!! LOL
Love always! Stacy