Thursday, June 12, 2008

Great Weekend

In Idaho!
I took Hudson, Abbi, Maggie and Weston to visit my older brother, Paul, and his family in Idaho. I took only 4 children so that I could drive our more economical car. Caleb stayed home with Brian. He did the animal chores and helped at the cabin. My parents took the 3 little girls and they had a wonderful time. My brother has 8 children and they are all about the same ages as mine. Oh did we ever have fun!! I also attended the Idaho Homeschool Convention with Paul and Elaine. I was very encouraged by the speakers. I even got some excellent books, new curriculum, and great ideas for the summer and upcoming school year. I am refreshed and ready to go!

Just wanted to throw this picture in for fun. Paul is the one top. He is the oldest. Then me. Then Grant. Then Debbie!

(pic taken a while ago ~ obviously)

The Whole Weekend Crew

Uncle Paul being "fun guy" on the tramp

The Gaggle of Giggly Girls.

They all slept in one room in a nest on the floor. Oh Fun!

The Foursome

Emily (10) Grace (8) Abbi (10) Maggie (8)

The Guys

Hudson attempted to mow the yard with the help of Weston and Calvin. I say attempted because he drove the entire yard with the blade Up. Nothing was cut. I guess it was his practice run. Nice effort!!

More tramp fun

Ring around the Rosies

Not sure what this is called but we all put them on our noses for dinner and had lots of giggling

Elaine and I came home from the conference and the children were in the process of making pretzels. Let me just say, "They were incredible!"

Lots of games were played

Maggie and Grace

These two boys were inseparable and did lots of exploring.

They are quite the pair

Too cute!


Hope Ashley Deborah

A Big Good Night Hug

Ready for church

The drive home

Sign of a fun weekend

Elaine and I had been talking about us coming out for quite some time. When I miscarried Jeremiah 2 weeks before I was to leave, things were questionable. My leg had some superficial blod clots - nothing serious just painful. They healed a couple days before departure day and I felt like I could do the trip. (6 hr drive) I am so glad we did. I was truly blessed! I was blessed by my brothers family! And I was blessed by their friends. Most of them knew what had happened with Jermiah. I got many hugs, listening ears and words of encouragement! Thank you Angie, Laura, Jamie, Beka, Shannon, and the many others!!! You are all precious!

Thank you Paul, Elaine and family!!

Great Time ~ Great Memories

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Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE my family!!! I wish we could have been there with you.
I love you,