Tuesday, June 24, 2008


We have the family watch dog...

It gives me great comfort to know we have dogs that stay nearby and protect my children. Bandit is the best at that. It is rare that Bandit does not join my children in whatever they are doing.

Bandit and the children - What more could you ask for?...

Maybe a turkey?

I kid you not ~ this turkey, Mr Tom, is with us at all times. He was suppose to be last years Christmas dinner but he became so friendly and saved his own life. When it was time to butcher him the children pleaded with their daddy to not. They really wanted to keep him as the farm mascot. The pleading worked. If anyone is in the yard or farm yard, he is right there with you. He loves for us to pet his head. When we ring the dinner bell, he gobbles. When we yell for someone, he gobbles. He is so amazingly friendly and the highlight of our little farm.

It is hard for me to take a picture without him in it...

And then we have the family "watch Turkey"


momofmanysheep said...

LOVE the turkey! Not sure our turtles scare many predators off. Our turkey is stuffed and in the corner of our entry way. He's does plenty to scare off the friendly visitors.

The Shepard Family

TnFullQuiver said...

I love your pet turkey!!! I smiled ALL the way through your post. I could imagine this same thing happening to us. Michael just mentioned last night that we need to get some turkeys to raise for meat. I might think again after reading this!!!
grace and peace,