Tuesday, August 30, 2011


One of our peeps had a birthday.
It wasn't just any ol' regular birthday.
It was his 10th!

Coop was excited for another pa-arty!

Weston chose Coconut Cream Pie for his dessert.
Lo-ove it!!

He barely got all 10 candles blown out.

He opened a few presents.
(yes, Caleb wrapped this one in girly paper for him)

Opened a few cards with $$$

And tradition around here is that 
when you turn 10...
you get a BB gun!!!
Safety Off!


Then he showed his sisters how to do it.

(isn't that the cutest?)

The next morning, he went out and got his "first kill".
He is loving being 10 and owning a gun.


Jennifer said...

You get those rabbits weston! Hope you enjoy being double digits!

The Munck Family said...

Happy being 10...double digits, lots of fun comes with that;-) And as for Weston's birthday pie of choice, Yum!

The Morris Family said...

Happy birthday!!!

and A big YES on the bb gun!!! a must for the Morris guys too!!

Amy said...

Happy "late" birthday, Weston!