Friday, May 8, 2009

Yuck! and Muck!

Along with spring repairs and spring babies, comes...

Spring Clean Up!


One morning at breakfast, with all ears leaned my way, I was going over the days schedule. I told the children that their everyday chores -in and out- needed to get done, we would do school and then we would all go out and muck the goat pen.

It was at that point, the children jumped up and shouted for joy. They were so excited because they really enjoy mucking. I am so thankful for their cheerful hearts and willingness to work.

OK. I hope you did not believe a word I just said. It was all... NOT true. They were not excited. And if the truth be told, neither was I. But it was a chore that needed to get done.

My Knight in Shining Armor (Brian) heard us talking of our plans and he said, "I think if we move the panel from the back of the goat pen, I would be able to scoop it out with the backhoe."  All of our faces "lit" up. Really?!!! Our Hero!


When school was done, we all went out and began taking down the panel. Piece of cake!!

The little girls ran in to tell Daddy we were ready for him and the backhoe. He had it cleaned up in 30 minutes. Something that would have taken us about 3 hours with all of us shoveling and hauling.


We all enjoyed watching and helping (drive the backhoe). The job was done and it looked great!!

I love machinery! and the man that drives ours ;)


~Bren~ said...

You had me going there! For a second I thought your kids were beyond perfect!!
What a man to do that nasty job and make it fun!

Andrea Cherie said...

Yay for a wonderful husband!! And a backhoe- Jason is jealous of yours!

Cinnamon said...

What a crack up! Thanks for the laugh. And what a fabulous hubby to do the yucky work~