Friday, May 29, 2009

The Party Patio


The Silver Spur Cafe is a yurt. It is our dining hall and kitchen. We LOVE it! It has been an awesome place to feed our guests/campers in the winter. Now that it is summer, it is time to build a patio for outdoor dining.

Dick O., ( is our awesome volunteer who has put in many hours of labor at Big Canyon) Brian, Hudson and Dick's son leveled the pad, spread the gravel...



and then came the cement truck!!

IMG_8912   IMG_8920 IMG_8941   IMG_8956

Dani and Elizabeth overseeing the guys ~ making sure they do it right! And they helped!!

IMG_8943    IMG_8963

Done pouring.


Time to stamp it.

IMG_8973    IMG_8989

Stamped, dried, and cut. Party grill is ready to be "fired up".

IMG_9510  IMG_9509

Fathers and sons enjoying their meal on the patio.


We also poured a sidewalk up to the lodge. (the poles are for future lighting.

IMG_9500  IMG_9512

It is so beautiful up here. Come and see for yourself!  :)


The Morris Family said...

Oh...I want to come!!! It looks so great!! I love little nooks like that and it looks like party time atmosphere! The concrete pour and finish looks so smooth, good work. Our guys went to a class of how to stamp and color concrete but they have not used those skills yet. It makes it really feel like summer I know!

Andrea Cherie said...

I sure hope to come visit at some point! You guys are doing amazing things!!