Monday, February 9, 2009

Daddy Daughter Dance

Friday was a very special day for the girls of our family ~ they went to dinner at the Olive Garden and to a Father/Daughter Princess Ball Dance (that's what Dani Rae called it) with their Daddy. It was hosted by South Mtn Church in Salt Lake.

I have pictures of them before they left the house. Brian claims he doesn't know how to work the camera and he is sticking with that story. So, no pics of the evening..


The Whole Gaggle of Girls and their Daddy


Abigail and Danielle


Tessa, Margaret and Elizabeth



They loved Olive Garden! They loved dancing with their daddy. They loved the sweet treats provided at the dance. They loved being princesses with their King. They loved their evening "out".

They LOVE their Daddy!


Pam said...

So sweet! I love Father/Daughter dances. The first one Coco went to I tagged along for the photo ops!
Building memories!

Andrea Cherie said...

I know I already told you on fb, but they are all adorable all matching!!

Daddies still like daughter dates at my age~ that's what mine asked for Christmas from Vanessa & I...we need to get on it and take him out!

Dyar Family said...

There is nothing like daddy with his girls! They look so cute and Brian looks so proud. What a fun night!

in a world surrounded by men said...

Are any of those girls available for a rental basis?

Or a contract for marriage?