Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Touched by Angels

These sweet people are the most amazing couple
How they found and came to Big Canyon was completely orchestrated by God.
And we are ever so thankful!!

Mr and Mrs W live in California.
They had been to a camp (in CA) a few years ago and while they were there as campers, they saw and met a few retired couples that lived in their trailers and volunteered at the camp.
After seeing how these people served - that's what they wanted to do when they retired.
they retired.
And we were the blessed recipients of their love and servants hearts.
They were here for about 8 weeks and got soooo much done.
They have gone home and we REALLY miss them.

Gordon, Karen and Cooper 

Tessa was Mrs W's sidekick almost the entire time.
What a pair!

After a long days work (if they were up to it), we would have dinner, make cookies, or watch movies and eat popcorn with them.

Tessa, Dani Rae and Elizabeth played many games with Mrs W.
Their favorite was the matching game.
Poor Karen had no chance of winning.
Oh, those young minds with an incredible memory.

We are praying that God leads them back to Big Canyon and into our lives again - 
Real Soon!


Mendi... said...

Very neat...way cool...SO God!!! :o)

Amy said...

What a blessing!!!