Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This Little Piggy

Well, I guess our farm was not complete without a pig.
NOW - it's complete!

Hudson, Abbi and Dani Rae competed on their horses at a local Little Buckaroo Rodeo.
Abbi got third in the Keyhole and Barrel events.
Hudson and Dani didn't place but did an outstanding job.
One of the side events during the evening was to catch a greased pig.
Of course, all of my children wanted to chase that little piggy with the end goal of catching him and getting to bring him home.
There were so many kids, I figured our chances of catching him would be small.
Boy, was I wrong.
Hudson was the first one to get hands on that slippery little oinker.
And Abbi was right there if he had not caught him.
I guess our chances weren't as small as I thought.

After I saw that Hudson was definitely the winner - 
I started yelling to him,
"We ARE NOT taking him home. Hand him to somebody else!"
He looked at me with a smile that told me he was going to keep him.
He was very proud and very excited.
He said this pig would be his "project". He will care and pay for all of his needs.
This little piggy has a home.


Angela said...

Love it. He will end up being a pet like a doggie. The girls will be dressing it up in bonnets and pushing it in a stroller! :o)

The Munck Family said...

Congrats...on the piggie! What a funny story...have fun Hudson!

Jennifer said...

Way to go, Hudson! Now are you going to keep him as a 'pet' or slaughter him for some good 'ol bacon???

Shawn B. said...

HA! That story sounds familiar. :) Wish we would have been there to cheer them on! I don't know why you even bother to protest. You know you're bringing whatever animals they catch back to the farm. LOVE it.