Thursday, June 4, 2009

Then They Left :(

It was a fun 2 1/2 days with the K Family. They have children all the same ages as ours and so everyone had a new friend and they played hard.

Caleb and Gavin

Helped their dads at Big Canyon, set coyote traps, went hunting in the rain, swam and canoed at the lake, rode the quad all over Big Canyon and had a great time.


Gunnar and Hudson

Swam at the lake, hiked, camped out, played pool, jumped, played basketball, helped their dads at Big Canyon and are very similar in many ways.


Abbi and Grace

Did chores together, rode horses, listened to Jonathan Park, swam in the pond, played with the chicks and were inseparable!


Maggie and Gladys

Played in the pool, zipped on the zip line, did the animal chores, rode horses, played games, jumped on the tramp, and shared lots of giggles.


Weston and Gage

Played on zip-line, played on the tramp and swing-set, played pool, built some cool set ups with Playmobil and were just being BOYS.


Elizabeth and Gaela

Played with the kitten, colored, did lots of swinging, played dress-up, helped with chores, splashed in the pool and smiled LOTS!


Gianna and Dani Rae

Rode bikes, jumped on tramp, played dress up, fed the baby goats, and held hands the whole time.


Tess and Granton

If the truth be told...Did absolutely nothing together! Tess did not even want him to touch her. Oh, girls!!


Cinnamon and Me


The Whole Crew

minus Elizabeth and Gaela who were off playing and me whom was taking the picture.


We had a fabulous time with the K Crew. What a wonderful family and sweet new friends!!



Andrea Cherie said...

That is so exciting that you got to meet a blog friend IRL!!

Dyar Family said...

Wow, not only did they each have a freind but they were all the same gender (outside of the babies). That bet that was so much fun for everybody! What a great connection to be made. I am impressed that they have found so many names starting with G. We had a hard time finding three K's!

Cinnamon said...

What great pictures. I didn't see all the kids posing but they did turn out great! And the whole crew at the end. Isn't that funny we didn't even notice the two kiddos missing while we were taking the picture! :-)