Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Row Row Your Boat!

Back in early May when it was warm and sunny (it has rained almost the whole month of June - ugh), we went to Big Canyon Lake for a picnic and afternoon on the water. It was soooo nice! And we all had a great time in the sun and water.

IMG_9750-1  IMG_9718

IMG_9760   IMG_9745

The Lake at Big Canyon is about 3 sq miles in size. Just the right size for us. We have kayaks, canoes, a dock and a jumping tower to play on.


Dad and crew going for a "canoe cruise".


The Race                                               Nap time!

IMG_9726  IMG_9765

Sisters chatting away with their toes in the cool water.


The Lifeguard on Duty!


Caleb and Hudson

IMG_9743   IMG_9708-1

Maggie and Weston

IMG_9710-1    IMG_9663

Elizabeth, Abbi and Libby

IMG_9706-1    IMG_9680

Tessa and Dani Rae

IMG_9762-1    IMG_9723-1  

We LOVE our little "backyard" lake!


Cinnamon said...

I love it too!! I'm surprised the boys don't move in down there :-)


Andrea Cherie said...


Jessica said...

FUN!!! I love the pic of the girls sitting on daddy!!
Glad you got to visit with Elaine. We need to get her to start a blog-hehehe. I hear she is not into that though......... they are so neat. Well have a great rest of the weekend Ashley.