Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gettin' Physical

I don't wear the headband or the leg warmers but this is where I "get physical" three times a week. I am LOVING it!!  A friend (also a neighbor) has set up her basement as an entire exercise room. She has been doing this for Shalena and I since March. We do a mixture of things: aerobics, toning, pilates, and cardio.

It is Awesome!



After 40 minutes in the exercise room (above) we move into the weight room and do about 15-20 minutes of weights. I am SO NOT a muscle girl! The weight room has challenged me but maybe I will get toned and be stronger than my daughter someday!

IMG_9467 IMG_9468

Stay tuned for my 6-pack abs!



Cinnamon said...

You go Ashley!!


Keepin' Up with the Joneses said...

I am so impressed.

Natalie said...

What a great thing to have access to! You go, Jane Fonda!

Dani Joy said...

This is great! I love her personal gym. So wanting it! jeje
I haved done some fitness posts on my blog. I have been trying to get fit since January. I am sure you feel so good knowing you are taking care of yourself.
Thanks for coming over to visit. I love seeing you.. even if it is only in the cyber world.