Saturday, June 6, 2009

Keep on Workin'!

Things are looking good in our Bee World. The bees are still alive and have filled 3 frames of honeycomb. That is good considering our mishap and late start. Hudson continues to feed them sugar water and they continue to use it. However, they are slowing down on it and seem to be flying to the nearby alfalfa field for their yummies. We hope more bees will hatch and more workers will help with the making of their winter food supply - Honey!!


One of the frames 1/2 full of honey-comb and tons of bees.



Work Work!!



Jessica said...

Hi Ashley. Thank you so much for your sweet comment today. I much needed it, especially after the one comment got my blood boiling :) It blessed my heart. Your bees are awesome. We want a farm someday and want to have bees too. We have had so much fun seeing Elaine and her family. They are the nicest family we have ever met!! A good example for us to see. Well have a wonderful week in the Lord. Love

Jessica said...

oh I have wanted to tell you awhile ago I dug deeper into your blog and went back in time and your journey with Jerimiah touched my heart. I was brought to tears and can't imagine how hard that was for you. God is good though and that precious baby will be waiting impatiently for his mama. I just wanted to let you know his life blessed mine. :)

Dani Joy said...

Wow this is amazing. your family is not hurting for experiance hands on learning that´s for sure!
so awesome you are raising your own honey!